Wukong and Feng Mao used to be travelling companions. When Wukong became too annoying, Feng trapped him in a cave and left. 100 years later, Wukong is free and on his way to Agora to resume annoying Feng Mao. Wukong is a deadly and elusive melee carry, capable of farming faster than any other hero.

Control Aggression allows the Monkey King to swap between an offensive and evasive stance. Wukong's abilities will have different effects based on which stance he's in. Control Aggression also comes with a passive component, giving a small chance that enemy minions will look visually distinct. If Wukong last-hits these minions while in his offensive stance, he will gain bonus card power. Landing the killing blow in his evasive stance will grant him health. Cloud Walker grants the Monkey King a double jump. In the offensive stance the double jump will end with Wukong slamming his staff into the ground, dealing damage and slowing enemies in the area of effect. In his evasive stance, Cloud Walker will allow Wukong to walk on air after his double jump. This mobility tool is great for navigating team fights or traversing terrain. Staff of Legend allows the Monkey King to extend his pole arm. In the offensive stance, Staff of Legend deals damage and knocks enemies to the length of the staff, displacing your target. You can use it to push threats away, or push enemies into bad situations. In the evasive stance, Wukong will plant his staff, and launch himself into the air with a directional jump. While in his evasive stance, Wukong can be very difficult to isolate. And finally, your Ultimate is 84,000 Hairs. Anytime the Monkey King strikes a minion, hero, or structure, he will create a clone of himself. This clone cannot move, and deals damage in a radius around the clone, based on a percent of Wukong's damage. 84,000 hairs allows Wukong to very quickly cut through his enemies. And when paired with Control Aggression, Wukong can farm faster than anyone else.

When engaging enemies, be mindful of which stance you're in. Your offensive stance will allow you to fight your enemies, but offers no means of escape. Your evasive stance will allow you to remain elusive, but offers no means of damage. Engage fights with precision and patience. If you try to take on too many enemies at once, even your clones won't be able to save you. Tear through your enemies as the legendary Monkey King, Wukong.

Card Focus: Power


During their travels, Wukong annoyed Feng Mao in a variety of ways, but most often by upsetting the natural order of things through sheer mischief, leaving Feng to have to fix it.

On one occasion, Wukong saw a towering statue in the wilderness and thought it would be fun to climb up the side and dance on its head, while Feng stood at the base yelling for him to come down. He did not know that the statue was worshiped by a local tribe of bloodthirsty cannibals, who then attacked Feng Mao. Feng had to hold them off while Wukong finished his dance and descended to join him. Then the two made a hasty retreat into the wilderness, but the cannibals tracked them and attacked in a running battle that lasted 2 weeks. When Feng Mao later demanded an apology, Wukong only said that it was worth it.

On another occasion, Wukong and Feng were in a city of scholars, tracking down an ancient text that Feng was curious about. Wukong took offense at the superior, patronizing air of the scholars, and wrecked one of their ancient libraries, swinging around on ancient book cases and chandeliers. Feng Mao scolded him and began to clean up the mess by himself. Abashed, Wukong joined him, and the two cleaned up the library, and calmed the cowering scholars. Seeing how disciplined Feng Mao was, Wukong decided to devote himself to learning Feng Mao’s ways, and asked if he could be Feng’s apprentice for a while. Feng was hardly reassured, but agreed. It would prove to be one of his biggest mistakes.

  • So unpredictable, even he does not know what he'll do next.
  • No one can stay mad at him. Because he kills anyone who is mad at him.
  • Delights annoying Feng Mao to the point of distraction.

Base Stats

Data in bold is the per level increase of that stat

Base Health 526.9 (+71.1)
Health Regen 2.0 (+0.3)
Base Mana 200 (+36)
Mana Regen 0.7 (+0.0928)
Basic Attack Armor 14 (+1.25)
Ability Armor 20 (+0.75)
Base Attack Time 1.35s (??? at max level)
Attack Speed 100 (+1.9)


Ability Ruyi Jingu Bang Ruyi Jingu Bang
Melee basic attack dealing Basic Attack Damage
Basic Attack Damage: 61
Power Scaling: 0.9
Damage Increase per Level: 1.5

Ability Staff of Legend Staff of Legend
Wukong extends his staff and deals Ability Damage.

Offensive Stance: Staff pushes clones and enemy heroes 900 units.
Evasive Stance: Instead of dealing damage, Wukong extends his staff into the ground for a directional leap that launches himself into the air.

Ability Damage: 75/125/175/225
Mana Cost: 55/60/65/70
Power Scaling: 0.75
Cooldown: 12

Ability Cloudwalker Cloudwalker
Wukong can jump a second time with Cooldown.

Offensive Stance: Jump ends in a 300 radius slam that deals Ability Damage and applies a Movement Speed Slow for 2s.
Evasive Stance: Jump grants Airwalking and a Movement Speed Bonus for 1s.

Ability Damage: 60/100/140/180
Mana Cost: 0
Movement Speed Slow: -200/-250/-300/-350
Power Scaling: 0.4
Cooldown: 14/14/10/8
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Ability Control Aggression Control Aggression
Active: Toggles Wukong between an Offensive and Evasive stance.

Passive: With his golden eye flames, there is a 25% chance that Wukong will spot a minion with a spirit that grants additional bonuses when slain.
Offensive Stance: Marked minions grant bonus CXP when slain.
Evasive Stance: Marked minions heal Wukong when slain.

Cooldown: 1s
Health Regained: 40/60/80/100
CXP Bonus: 40/60/80/100

Ability 84,000 Hairs 84,000 Hairs
Passive: Upon connecting with a Basic Attack, Wukong passively creates an immobile clone which attacks all targets within melee range. Clones deal a percentage of Wukong's Basic Attack damage per attack, and will disappear after 5s or 3 attacks.
Damage Percent: 20/30/40%



Wukong Default skin

Wukong in his favorite mischief making gear.

How to Unlock: Unlocked by default

Wukong Gunmetal Default skin

Wukong in his favorite mischief making gear.

How to Unlock: Obtain as a Loot Crate drop

Wukong Topaz Default skin

Wukong in his favorite mischief making gear.

How to Unlock: Obtain as a Loot Crate drop

Wukong Challenger skin

When Wukong decided to let the youngsters take over for a while, he donned this armor and asked Feng Mao to be his mentor.

How to Unlock: Begin Wukong's Master Challenge

Wukong Master skin

When Feng Mao deemed Wukong worthy, he gifted his pupil with this armor. Wukong shed a tear of joy.

How to Unlock: Obtain the title of Master with Wukong

Wukong Royal skin

"When I think of a king, I don't usually imagine someone about and swining off of trees. So I keep forgetting that Wukong is actually a king. Somehow." - Feng Mao

How to Unlock: Purchase at the Store for 700 Coins icon



Paragon - Wukong Announce (Available June 6)00:48

Paragon - Wukong Announce (Available June 6)

Change Log

Update .40.4 - June 13, 2017

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Wukong can no longer proc Stinger Boost with Control Aggression
    • Damage sources are now labeled properly in death recap

Update .40.3 - June 6, 2017

  • Wukong
    • “Who’s a Monkey Now?” Emote added to the in-game store.
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