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Wicked Stigma is a rare Icon Corruption Corruption equipment card.

How to obtain

Wicked Stigma can be earned through card packs or through crafting.

Crafting Cost Dismantling
Resource Cost Rep Cost Resources Earned
2400 Cursed Soul IconCursed Soul 1000 Icon Reputation 600 Cursed Soul IconCursed Soul

During the week of March 7, 2017 this card was available in a weekly card pack, along with Everglass and Burnblood Powder. You can still earn the contents of that pack through weekly quests.

Unique Active

Wicked Stigma, in addition to 50 Icon Max Health dark Max Health and 0.3 Icon Mana Regen dark Mana Regen also has an Unique Active which, for 6 seconds, on hit with an ability, gives you vision of targets for 10 seconds.

Marked targets can be seen through walls, even when they are in the Shadow Plane. However marked targets can not be targeted with spells.

Recommended Heroes

Change Log

Update .35 - December 6, 2016

  • Reduced Cooldown to 30 seconds from 120
  • No longer provides 2.5% Cooldown Reduction.
  • Now Provides 0.3 Mana Regen.

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