Weekly Quests
Weekly Quests are a new feature added on Update .28. They are weekly objectives that when completed give out a reward. These quests are renewed weekly and have 4 different objectives.

After completing the first objective earn a Powerful Card Pack. (A past Weekly Card Pack with 3 cards). All other objectives give out a random affinity card.

Weekly Quests have been removed in V39.1 patch and replaced with Daily Quests.

Weekly Objectives

  • Across multiple victories, destroy 10 Towers.
  • Across multiple victories, destroy 350 Minions
  • Across multiple victories, destroy 15 Wards.
  • Across multiple victories, destroy 10 Inhibitors.
  • Across multiple victories, deal 20000 damage to enemy Structures.
  • Win 4 games playing as a Melee Hero.
  • Win 4 games playing as a Ranged Hero.
  • Take down 100 enemy Heroes.
  • Take down 250 enemy Heroes.
  • Across multiple victories, deal 65,000 damage to enemy heroes.

Quests refresh once a week regardless of completion or not.

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