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  • I live in a constant state of denial
  • My occupation is Community Development Rep at Fandom
  • I am a figment of your wild imagination
  • Bio Gamer since the 80's. MMO's preferred. Faves are Fantasy & Sci-Fi games. My best friend is a Chua and my husband is a Sith.
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  • Pinkachu

    Hello all Paragonians!

    We have some awesome news for the Paragon community. The Wikia Fan App for Paragon is now available on Google Play and  it's Apple equivalent will be available on the App Store very soon. Be sure download and install the version appropriate for your device so you always have a way to check up on the latest community activity and game information when you are not at home. Included in these apps and in the desktop version of the Paragon community is a new feature called Discussions . 

    Discussions is a conversation feature that users can participate in and create new posts, reply to posts and even "upvote" them. To participate in Discussions, users will need to be logged into Wikia. Users will be able to upload an avatar …

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