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  • Jtanooki

    Why I Have Been Offline

    October 13, 2017 by Jtanooki


    Just wanted to update a bit on why I have been offline. Hurricane Maria devastated my island, leaving us without water or electricity to most of us, even to this day. We've also been without cell service or internet. I'm finally getting some signal and I can at least connect if I go to where there is service. I should be back before the months end.

    Happy Shadow's Eve!

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  • Jtanooki

    Hi Guys! I wanted to create a little blog post to show you guys a couple of templates on the wikia that can be used around the site.

    First off I want to start with the Stats template.

    This template helps show different in-game stats (Ex. Card stats) on the article you are editing. 

    For example: , or

    Please use these templates when adding stats instead of putting plain old numbers on the cards. The template was made for easy changing of stats when Epic Games decides to change the stats balances (Like on the recent V29 Patch). With this template I can just edit a small database containing all of the numbers, and site wide those stats are changed.

    Stat Template Link

    You can check it out in the link above, along with its documentation which has mor…

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