Travel Mode is a method of travelling quickly across the map. Travel Mode appears only in Legacy.


There are two versions of Travel Mode: the original version and Auto-Sprint. A teleport ability similiar to Portal Stone has also been considered as a replacement for Travel Mode, but the idea was scrapped and Travel Mode has been removed from the game entirely with the release of Monolith.

Travel Mode (pre v28)

Allowed the player to travel faster across the map. Players spawning into the game, or returning via Recall would already be in Travel Mode. Travel Mode was cancelled by performing any other action other than movement or by taking damage. Taking damage would root the player in place for a short time. To enter Travel Mode, you had to press Shift (PC) or L2 + X (PS4). It took a few seconds to initiate.  


Travel Mode Bar

Auto-Sprint (post v28)

Same as v1, however rooting the player after taking damage while in Travel Mode was removed, and the manual initiation was replaced with an automatic system that triggered when the player was out of combat for 4.5 seconds.

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