Siphons are cards that have an Unique Passive that make your basic attacks on jungle minions restore 8 health. Siphons don't stack with each other.


Card Name



Placement Time

Bonus 1 Bonus 2 Bonus 3
Lord's Siphon Icon UniversalUniversal 3 3s 60 Health 30 Mana 0.3 Mana Regen
Magus' Siphon Icon UniversalUniversal 3 3s 6 Power 30 Mana Fully Upgraded Bonus: 6 Power
Oasis Siphon Icon growth Growth 3 3s 1.4 Health Regen 2.5% Lifesteal Fully Upgraded Bonus: 1.4 Health Regen
Reaper's Siphon Icon Corruption Corruption 3 3s 6 Power 4% Crit Chance Fully Upgraded Bonus: 6 Power
Sage's Siphon Icon UniversalUniversal 3 3s 6 Power 60 Health Fully Upgraded Bonus: 6 Power
Stalker's Siphon Icon Corruption Corruption 3 3s 2.5% Lifesteal 5.5 Attack Speed Fully Upgraded Bonus: 5.5 Attack Speed

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