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Traits are a new way to describe Heroes in Paragon. Each hero has at least 3 Traits assigned, however, some classes can perform more than one trait if necessary.

Traits are not meant to be a hard and fast set of rules, but rather a guideline. Each Hero is unique and brings a special blend of skills to the battlefield of Agora. In this way, some will show aptitude at different play styles which we will attempt to highlight to let you find the kinds of Heroes that play the way you want. No balancing rules are made based on the below - they are intended to describe the gameplay that already exists to help make choosing the right Hero for you easier, as well as to help players evaluate new Hero skillsets before playing them.

Below are a list of the Traits in Paragon. 

Hero AbilitiesAffinities (Corruption/Fury/Growth/Intellect/Order) ● AuraBasic and Ability ArmorCard ExperienceCard PowerCooldownCooldown ReductionExperienceJumpHealthManaMovement Speed
Cards Cards (Equipment Cards/Prime Helix Cards/Upgrade Cards/Scythes/Siphons/Shadow Wards) ● Card PacksCard StoreWeekly Card Pack Rotation
Attack Attack SpeedBasic AttackBasic Attack TimeBasic Attack Modifiers (Critical Strike (Critical Strike Bonus)/Lifesteal/Basic and Ability Armor Penetration) ● Damage over timeBasic and Ability Damage
Disables, debuffs and status effects Buffs (River Buffs/Green Buff/Gold Buff/Orb Prime Buff) ● BleedBlightBurnCleanseKnock BackKnock UpLife GrantPoisonRecallRootShadow PlaneShieldShredSilenceSlowStasisStunTeleport
World AgoraMinimapAmberAmber LinkBackdoor ProtectionCoreFog WallsFountainInhibitorJump PadMinionsNeutral MonstersRaptorsTowerWardsWhite Camp
Gameplay GankingHarassmentInitiatingJunglingLanePushingTraits
Legacy Red BuffBlue BuffBlack BuffAltarHarvester (Harvester Keys) ● Shadow PadsTravel Mode

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