River Buffs are granted by killing the River Guardians. They appear in Monolith.

The River Guardian spawns at 3:00 minute mark, and respawns at 5:00, 7:00, etc.

Base Stats (River Guardian)

Base Health 150
Health Regen Instant when out of combat
Damage 10
Movement Speed ??
Basic Attack Armor 0
Attack Speed 0.2
Ability Armor 0
Experience 0
Gold {{{gold}}}

List of possible buffs

All buffs, in addition to their effects, also grant 15 Mana Regen for 12 seconds.

Buff Effect
Red 10% bonus damage from abilities (40 seconds)
Blue 100 Movement Speed (25 seconds)
Black DOT on Basic Atacks: 60% of basic damage (40 seconds)
Purple Shadow Plane (40 seconds) - Can prepare abilities (GRIM Ult, Rampage boulder, etc.) without leaving Stealth
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