The Prime Helix Guardian is the most powerful neutral monster in Paragon. It appears in both Legacy and Monolith.

During the early to mid game, he easily outmatches almost every hero in one-on-one combat. Very few heroes can take him on alone during the mid game. Even in the late game, lots of heroes struggle fighting him one on one, since the Guardian grows stronger as time passes. The Guardian is not a minion which can just be farmed like the other neutral camps, fighting him is an important team decision, as it needs the correct timing and approach since it can decide the future of the match. Usually, it is fought as a team when it is safe to do so, meaning when the enemy team does not display a threat at the moment (for example after a successful team fight).

The Guardian spawns at 10:00 minute mark, and respawns 7 minutes after killed.

Base Stats

Base Health 5980 (+373.75 every 2 minutes, 12000 max)
Health Regen 75
Damage 130
Movement Speed ??
Basic Attack Armor 65
Attack Speed 0.8
Ability Armor 35
Experience 200
Gold 816


Ability Ability Crunch Punch Basic Attack
Prime Helix Guardian fires lasers from his eyes dealing damage.
Splash Damage: 0%

Placeholder Scattered Projectiles
Prime Helix launches 10 slow homing projectiles into the air which distribute themselves evenly amongst all enemies nearby Prime Helix.
Ability Damage: 95/100/105/110 Amount: 10

Placeholder Slow Cone
Prime Helix Guardian slams the ground, slowing all enemies in a cone and damaging them.
Ability Damage: 200
Movement Speed Slow Duration: ??
Movement Speed Slow: ??

Placeholder Knockback
After a short delay, Prime Helix Guardian damages and knocks back all enemies near him.
Ability Damage: 150 Delay: 1

Placeholder Heal
When the Prime Helix Guardian is out of combat for several seconds, he will quickly restore his health.
Health per Second: 600

The Orb Prime Buff

Killing the Guardian grants the OP Buff to all living teammates for 150 seconds. You will lose the effects of the Buff whenever your hero gets killed.

The buff grants:

  • +10% Damage Bonus
  • Restore 1.5% of your Max Health and 1.5% of your Max Mana every second if no damage has been taken in the last 6 seconds.
  • Nearby friendly Minions have their Max Health increased by 12%
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