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Phase began to exhibit powers at a young age and was sent to Tryon Industries for special “care.” When the other subjects staged a break out, she joined the cause. Once free, she hid her powers blending in with everyday life in Omeda City, until that is, she was led to Agora.

Unleash your ally’s true potential with extraordinary abilities that can only be harnessed through the power of Phase. Link to your allies and empower them to fight longer, harder and more fiercely than you ever thought possible.

Base Stats

Data in bold is the per level increase of that stat

Base Health 500 (+67.43)
Health Regen 1.2 (+0.20714)
Base Mana 280 (+68)
Mana Regen 1.3 (+0.2714)
Movement Speed ??
Basic Attack Armor 8 (+1)
Ability Armor 20 (+0.75)
Base Attack Time 1.2 (1.2 at max level)
Attack Speed 100 (+0)


Placeholder Pulse Bolt
Ranged basic attack dealing Basic Attack Damage
Basic Attack Damage: 53
Power Scaling: 0.3
Damage Increase per Level: 1.6

Placeholder Telekinetic Link
Creates a link between Phase and an one target friendly Hero. Can be reactivated to pull the tethered target to her. Additionally, Phase passes her Health Regen to her linked ally. Using any of Phase’s abilities (or reactivating Telekinetic Link) gives her a quick Health Regen boost for 2 seconds.
Health Regen Boost: 30/45/60/75
Cooldown: 12/11/10/9
Mana Cost: 80

Placeholder Psychic Flare
Phase emits a blast of light around her and her linked target. The blast both deals damage and Blinds enemies caught in the area of effect.
Ability Damage: 75/130/185/240
Blind Duration: 1.5/2/2.5/3
Cooldown: 12
Power Scaling: 0.8
Mana Cost: 70/80/90/100

Placeholder Energy Lance
Phase fires a stream of energy from her hands, dealing damage and a stacking slow every hit. If she can keep her lance on the target long enough (8 hits) the slow will stack into a root.
Ability Damage: 8/13/18/23
Slow: 35
Mana Cost: 80/100/120/140
Power Scaling: 0.1
Root Duration: 0.75/1/1.25/1.5
Cooldown: 14

Placeholder Hyperflux
Both Phase and her linked ally will gain Attack Speed, Mana Regen, and Cooldown Reduction bonus, along with a decaying Movement Speed boost (like Muriel’s Alacrity).
+Attack Speed: 80
+Mana Regen: 75
+Cooldown Reduction%: 50%
+Movement Speed: 220


  • Not okay with all her powers, but learning to live with them.
  • Had a surprisingly happy childhood.
  • Discovered Shinbi.



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Change Log

Template:Phase Patch Notes

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