Hero Portrait Phase Traits: Ranged | Guardian | Controller | Durable | Elusive
Release Date: May 16, 2017
Difficulty: Expert
Base Stats Overview:
Basic Damage - 2
Ability Damage - 6
Durability - 8
Mobility - 4

Base Stats:
Base Health: 549 (+61)
Health Regen: 0.91 (+0.11)
Base Mana: 390 (+27)
Mana Regen: 1.7 (+0.09)
Ability Defense: 30
Basic Defense: 13.6 (+2)
Basic Attack Damage: 52.9 (+2.1)
Attacks Per Second: 1.05
Movement Speed: 655

Phase is a powerful telepath, who manipulates energy waves to protect her allies. A well known music aficionado, Phase scoured Omeda for talent and discovered Shinbi, guiding the singer in a rise to fame. Phase is all about getting allies out of bad situations, and turning the tide of battle. In teamfights, you can easily move your link to whoever needs it the most. Attaching your link to an ally with hard engage could create opportunities for you to blind and disorient several enemies. Know your limits when playing Phase. If you try to dive too deep to save an ally, it could result in your death.


Ability Pulse Bolt Pulse Bolt
Ranged basic attack dealing Basic Damage
Splash Damage: 0%

Ability Telekinetic Link Telekinetic Link
Applies a Link to targeted Ally for 20 Mana when confirmed. If already Linked, repressing the ability button will pull the Linked Ally to Phase even when not aiming at them for 80 Mana. While Linked, if Phase activates an ability, both she and her Linked Ally will receive 16/40 Health per second for 4 seconds.
Health over time: 16/24/32/40
Mana Cost: 20 for Link, 80 for Pull
Cast Range: 1800
Healing Duration: 4
Cooldown: 12
Tether Max Range: 2200


  • Total Healing when casting an ability is 64/96/128/160

Ability Psychic Flare Psychic Flare
Phase blasts a flare of energy in an AOE around her and her Linked Ally that does Ability Damage to all Enemies and Blinds them for 1.25/2s.
Ability Damage: 105/164/222/281
Blind Duration: 1.25/1.5/1.75/2
Cooldown: 10
Power Scaling: 2.09
Mana Cost: 90/100/110/120

Ability Energy Lance Energy Lance
Phase emits a beam of pure energy for 2.5s. The beam does Ability Damage every 0.25s and for each instance of Damage done adds 3% Movement Speed Slow for 0.8 seconds. If 8 Stacks of Slow are added to an enemy, then the target gets a Root for 1/2.5 seconds.
Ability Damage: 10/15/20/25
Movement Speed Slow: Stacking 3%
Root Duration: 1/1.5/2/2.5
Cooldown: 8
Power Scaling: 0.18
Max Stacks: 10 (8 stacks apply a root)
Mana Cost: 110/130/150/170


  • The Energy Lance can be interrupted by clicking the same button

Ability Hyperflux Hyperflux
Phase overcharges herself and her Linked Ally with energy, giving both 70/100 Attack Speed, 50 Cooldown Reduction and 15/45 Mana Regen for 8/16s. Upon activating the ability, they will also both receive a decaying 30% Movement Speed boost.
Attack Speed: 70/85/100
Mana Regen: 15/30/45
Movement Speed boost: 30%
Mana Cost: 100/150/200
Cooldown Reduction: 50%
ATS, CDR and MR Duration: 8/12/16
Movement Speed Duration: 3
Cooldown: 130/115/100


  • Not okay with all her powers, but learning to live with them.
  • Had a surprisingly happy childhood.
  • Discovered Shinbi.

Extra Lore

  • Phase met Howitzer, Zinx and Boris whilst undergoing tests at Tryon industries.
  • Her real name is Jeanette
  • Lived in the wastelands before being captured and tested on by Dr. Maximov at Tyron industries



Phase Default skin

Phase in her favorite hoodie and skirt, held together by thread, patches, and love.

How to Unlock: Unlocked by default

Phase Tropic Default skin

Phase in her favorite hoodie and skirt, held together by thread, patches, and love.

How to Unlock: Obtain as a Loot Crate drop

Phase Cobalt Default skin

Phase in her favorite hoodie and skirt, held together by thread, patches, and love.

How to Unlock: Obtain as a Loot Crate drop

Phase Challenger skin

"See Shinbi - I own several articles of non-black clothing. Victory is mine. You owe me 20 credits." - Phase

How to Unlock: Begin Phase's Master Challenge

Phase Master skin

"Prolonged use of the subject's powers causes her eyes and any contacting metal to superheat. Consider applications." - Dr. Maximov's log, 2340347-A

How to Unlock: Obtain the title of Master with Phase

Phase Shadow Lynx skin

"Midnight Masquerade at Omedaworld... That was a good show." - Phase

How to Unlock: Purchase at the Store for 700 Coins icon

Phase Orchid Shadow Lynx skin

"Midnight Masquerade at Omedaworld... That was a good show." - Phase

How to Unlock: Obtain as a Rare Loot Crate drop

Phase Gilded Shadow Lynx skin

"Midnight Masquerade at Omedaworld... That was a good show." - Phase

How to Unlock: Obtain as a Rare Loot Crate drop



Paragon - Phase Announce

Paragon - Phase Announce

Paragon - Phase Overview (Available May 16)

Paragon - Phase Overview (Available May 16)

Change Log

Update V44.6 - December 12, 2017

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Fixed visual issues that could occur with the Panda Power skin.

Update V44.3 - November 20, 2017

  • Telekinetic Link
    • The way this ability functions has been adjusted:
      • Now requires confirmation to create a link with an allied Hero, rather than auto-confirming.
      • To pull a linked teammate press the ability button once to begin the ability, then repress the ability button.
    • Is now able to pull Stunned or Rooted allied heroes.
    • No longer shares Health Regen with Phase’s Linked teammate.
    • Healing granted on ability cast is now a Heal over time (previously granted Health Regen).
      • Overall healing is unchanged.
  • Psychic Flare
    • Damage increased from 88/140/193/246 to 105/164/222/281.
    • Power scaling increased from 1.88 to 2.09.
  • Energy Lance
    • Root duration increased from .5/.75/1/1.25s to 1/1.5/2/2.5s.
  • General Balance
    • Base Basic Defense decreased from 19.2 to 13.6.
    • Basic Defense per level increased from 1.5 to 2.
    • Movement Speed decreased from 695 to 655.

Update V43.3 - October 10, 2017

  • Telekinetic Link
    • Cooldown reduced from 14 s to 12 s
  • Hyperflux
    • Attack speed bonus adjusted from 80 at all levels to 70/85/100
    • Mana regen bonus adjusted from 15 mana / s at all levels to 1500/3000/4500% mana regen

Update V43 - September 21, 2017

  • Energy Lance
    • Total damage increased from 80/120/160/200 to 100/150/200/250
    • Total power scaling increased from 1.43 to 1.78
  • Psychic Flare
    • Cooldown reduced to 10s seconds from 12 seconds
  • Telekinetic Link
    • Increased healing from 12/18/24/30 for 4 seconds to 16/24/32/40 for 4 seconds
  • General Balance
    • Health per level increased from 59.3 to 61.8
    • Mana per level increased from 24 to 27
    • Mana regen per level increased from 0.08 to 0.09
  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Psychic Flare
      • Corrected an issue which could cause the effects to not render if Phase had Tireless Reaper equipped

Update V41 - June 27, 2017

  • Telekinetic Link cast range decreased from 1900 to 1800
  • Telekinetic Link tether range decreased from 2500 to 2200
  • Telekinetic Link total health regen decreased from 60/90/120/150 to 48/72/96/120
  • Telekinetic Link health regen duration increased from 2s to 4s
  • Psychic Flare blind duration decreased from 1.5/2/2.5/3s to 1.25/1.5/1.75/2s
  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Phase's Telekinetic Link tooltip has been updated to reflect the new link mana cost and pull mana cost
    • Corrected the display issue caused by Phase's Psychic Flare on ultrawide monitors
    • Energy Lance audio limited to one instance
    • Corrected an issue which caused Phase’s blind to function incorrectly when going in/out of the Shadow Plane
      • This corrects an issue where all heroes would become invisible to countess if she used Shadow Slip while affected by Phase's Psychic Flare ability

Update V40.3 - June 6, 2017

  • Psychic Flare
    • Slightly adjusted the duration of the screen fade out to match the HUD fade out better.
  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Implemented fixes for various movement issues caused by Phase's Telekinetic Link.

Update V40 - May 16, 2017

  • Phase has been added to Paragon.
  • Added Shadow Lynx Phase Skin to the in-game store.
  • Added Sluggo Disapproves Emote to the in-game store.
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