Release Notes - V.38.2 Update

General Changes


Hero Portrait Shinbi Shinbi

  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Shinbi will no longer play Dekker’s Stasis Bomb sound when casting her Line Tempo ability.

Hero Portrait Steel Steel

  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Steel's Bulwark ability no longer blocks damage from Shinbi's All-Kill!


  • Addressed some inconsistencies when players used the scrubbing tool.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with players leaving and rejoining.


  • Raptors now play their death animations correctly.


  • Added a zoom feature to the hero profile screens.
  • Added automatic PS4 controller detection for PC.
  • Fixed a number of minor layout issues throughout the front end.
  • Fixed minor stretching on hero portrait icons.
  • Loot Crate Update:
  • Removed
    • Common
      • Carnival Countess Default
      • Inquisitor Gideon Default
      • Dragonlord Greystone Default
      • White Tiger Greystone Default
      • Executioner Murdock Default
    • Rare
      • Snakebite Murdock Default
      • Shadow Ops TwinBlast Default
    • Ultra Rare
      • Undertow Gideon Default
  • Added:
    • Common
      • No No No - Gadget Emote
      • Hollow Praise - Sevarog Emote
      • Aurora Teal-Orange
      • Aurora Purple-Blue
      • Moon Crystal Aurora Green-Yellow
      • Moon Crystal Aurora Purple -Teal
      • Countess Blue-White
      • Countess Green-Gray
      • Carnival Countess Green
      • Carnival Countess Red
      • Gideon Black-Gold
      • Gideon Fuschia-Black
      • Inquisitor Gideon Black-Yellow
      • Inquisitor Gideon Purple-Gold
      • Greystone Fuschia
      • Greystone Greystone Silver-Blue
      • Dragonlord Greystone Black-Pink
      • Dragonlord Greystone Dark Blue
      • White Tiger Greystone White-Purple
      • White Tiger Greystone Black-Gold
      • Khaimera Red-White
      • Khaimera Blue-Orange
      • Murdock Green
      • Murdock Blue
      • Executioner Murdock Orange
      • Executioner Murdock White
      • Shinbi Pink White
      • Shinbi Dark Blue
      • Dynasty Shinbi Pink-Purple
      • Dynasty Shinbi Black-Blue
      • TwinBlast Purple
      • TwinBlast Orange-White
      • Energized TwinBlast Green
      • Energized TwinBlast Pink
    • Rare
      • Autumn Keeper Fey Skin
      • Aurora Mastery
      • Snakebite Murdock Dark Red
      • Snakebite Murdock Teal
      • Shadow Ops TwinBlast Black-Green
      • Shadow Ops TwinBlast Red
    • Ultra Rare
      • Undertow Gideon Red-Black
      • Undertow Gideon White-Gold

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