Release Notes - v.30.2 Update 


  • Death Timer Changes
    • Death timer cap increased from 90 seconds to 105 seconds.
    • Respawn delay increased from 3.8 seconds to 4.1 seconds.


  • New Epic Rare Cards Released
    • Lazarus Key
      • Passive: While on a well collection pad, gain +8.4 Health Regeneration and +80 Movement Speed. Movement Speed lasts for 5 seconds, and stacks every second up to 240.
    • Thunder Cleaver
      • Active: Instantly deal Basic Attack damage as Physical Damage to nearby enemy units. (30 second cooldown)
      • Passive: Melee Basic Attacks gain an additional +20% Damage Bonus to Cleave.
    • Empyrean Mask
      • Active: Cycle between +19.5 Physical and Energy Damage / +33 Physical and Energy Armor / +0.9 Mana Regeneration.
    • Tele-Blink
      • Active: Consume 35% of your Base Mana to Teleport forward. Cannot activate while below 35% Mana. (15 second cooldown)
      • Passive: Card cannot be used for 5 seconds after taking damage from an enemy Hero.
    • Blight Bones
      • Passive: When hit by a Critical Strike, apply Blight to attacker. (Blight reduces healing by 75%)
    • Blinkshot
      • Active: Teleport Forward. (300 second cooldown)
      • Passive: Cooldown will be reset on Player Kill or Assist within 5 seconds after using Blinkshot.
    • Pain-Eater
      • Passive: While critically wounded, gain +40% Lifesteal
    • Scarab Claws
      • Passive: On hit with Basic Attack, to a target with a Shield shreds all of their armor for 6 seconds.
    • Stab Link
      • Active: Consumer 20% of your Base Health to Teleport forward. Cannot activate while critically wounded.
      • Passive: Card cannot be used for 5 seconds after taking damage from an enemy Hero.
  • Weekly Card pack
    • Hunter's Drink (Community Pick)
      • Potion: 2 Charges. On use gain 6 + (0.6 x Player Level) health regeneration for 15 seconds.
    • Armavore
      • 16 Energy Penetration
      • Maxed Unique: On unit kill, restore 7 mana.
    • Radiant Mantle
      • 100 Max Health, 75 Max Mana
      • Unique Aura: Deals 15 + Player Level Energy Damage per second to nearby enemies.


  • Solo vs. AI no longer shows an AFK warning.

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