Hero Portrait Muriel Traits: Ranged | Guardian | Durable | Zoner
Release Date: December 12, 2015 (OT1)
Difficulty: Easy
Base Stats Overview:
Basic Damage - 1
Ability Damage - 5
Durability - 3
Mobility - 6

Base Stats:
Base Health: 560.27 (+61.2)
Health Regen: 0.96 (+0.1)
Base Mana: 429 (+34.5)
Mana Regen: 1.77 (+0.12)
Ability Defense: 30
Basic Defense: 16.32 (+1.72)
Basic Attack Damage: 53.92 (+2.04)
Attacks Per Second: 1.05
Movement Speed: 695

Muriel is a ranged support who uses her abilities to shield her allies. Her Ultimate allows her to fly to target ally allowing her to change the flow of battle.

Early game, she can shield her allies with Consecrated Ground to keep them alive or to deal AoE damage to enemies. Serenity allows her to slow down enemy Heroes. Muriel's greatest strength is her global map presence. Once she has her Ultimate, Reversal of Fortune, she can fly over to her team and swing the fight in her favor.

Late game, Muriel becomes a pure support Hero. Alacrity will speed up your allies to get in or out of combat. And make sure to layer your shields to keep your Damage Dealers alive.


Ability Orb Orb
Basic ranged attack dealing Basic Attack Damage
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Ability Alacrity Alacrity
Skill shot orb that applies a Icon Shield dark Shield and a Movement Speed Boost to the first allied hero that touches it. The speed boost lasts 3 seconds.
Mana Cost: 100
Movement Speed Increase: 150/175/200/225
Duration: 2
Cooldown: 7
Shield: 94/140/187/234
Pick-Up Duration: 8


  • Movement speed decays over its duration

Ability Serenity Serenity
Muriel fires a projectile that stops if it hits an enemy, dealing Ability Damage and applying a Slow if it hits a Hero.
Ability Damage: 94/140/187/234
Mana Cost: 75/85/95/105
Movement Speed Slow: 200/250/300/350
Power Scaling: 1.67
Cooldown: 6
Slow Duration: 3

Ability Consecrated Ground Consecrated Ground
Muriel deploys an AOE bubble that applies a Icon Shield dark Shield to allies and deals Ability Damage to enemies touching it when it pops.
Ability Damage: 70/105/140/176
Mana Cost: 100/115/130/1645
Shield: 204/310/415/521
Cast Range: 1750
Power Scaling: 1.25
Cooldown: 9
Shield Duration: 3

Ability Reversal of Fortune Reversal of Fortune
Muriel flies to a targeted ally anywhere on the map. The ally instantly receives a Icon Shield dark Shield. Enemy heroes are slowed as Muriel lands.
Movement Speed Slow: 400
Mana Cost: 150/225/300
Shield: 410/702/995
Movement Speed Slow Duration: 2
Cooldown: 130/120/110
Shield Duration: 4


  • Long ago requested that her personality module be rewritten, but no longer knows why.
  • Has had many jokes explained to her, and has diligently noted that they were humorous.
  • Can see infrared and ultraviolet, but not full human spectrum.

Extra Lore

  • "Muriel used to watch Science fiction holovids when we were young. Her favorite character was the red one." - Kallari



Muriel Default skin

Muriel in her original lightframe.

How to Unlock: Unlocked by default

Muriel Challenger skin

Muriel as she appeared the day she awoke in the lab.

How to Unlock: Begin Muriel's Master Challenge

Muriel Master skin

"Until today, I have never known power." - Muriel

How to Unlock: Obtain the title of Master with Muriel

Muriel Sepia skin

Muriel refitted with plating forged with the sepia gems of Agora.

How to Unlock: Purchase at the Store for 500 Coins icon or obtain as a Loot Crate drop

Muriel Amethyst skin

Her body - a concert of circuits, alloys, and mana-treated polymers. Her soul - a mystery.

How to Unlock: Purchase at the Store for 500 Coins icon or obtain as a Loot Crate drop

Muriel Midnight skin

Light the way under cover of darkness.

How to Unlock: Kill the Core event reward. Link to event here



Paragon - Muriel Overview01:01

Paragon - Muriel Overview

Change Log

Update .39 - April 4, 2017

  • Reversal of Fortune
    • Removed soft cooldown if she is interrupted before acitvation.
    • Muriel can no longer use Reversal of Fortune while in the air.

Update .38.3 - March 14, 2017

  • Serenity
    • Slow magnitude normalized to 200 / 250 / 300 / 350 from 175 / 245 / 315 / 385
  • Reversal of Fortune
    • Reworked:
      • No longer stuns enemies or knocks them up in an area around Muriel.
      • Now applies a 400 slow over 2 seconds.
      • Can no longer be cast while airborne.
      • Player camera will now correctly return to its normal rotation after Reversal of Fortune ends.

Update .37 - January 31, 2017

  • Reversal of Fortune
    • Muriel is no longer immune to damage or enemy abilities while flying, but is untargetable.

Update .36 - January 10, 2017

  • Reversal of Fortune
    • Ability has been slightly modified to improve usability and effectiveness.
    • Landing knockup has been greatly reduced in height.
    • Now applies an additional 1s stun.

Update .35 - December 6, 2016

  • Serenity
    • Damage type adjusted from “Energy” to “Ability.”
    • Projectile speed has been increased.
    • No longer pierces through minions.
    • Cooldown reduced from 15 to 9 seconds at all levels.
  • Consecrated Ground
    • Damage type adjusted from “Energy” to “Ability.”
    • No longer does bonus damage to slowed targets.
    • Cooldown reduced from 16/15/14/13 to 12 seconds at all levels.
    • Shield values have been adjusted for new balance.
    • Explosion time reduced from 1.5 to 1.05 seconds.
  • Alacrity
    • Cooldown reduced from 15 to 10 seconds at all levels.
    • Shield values have been adjusted for new balance.
  • Reversal of Fortune
    • Shield values have been adjusted for new balance.

Update .33 - October 18, 2016

  • Alacrity
    • Duration of shield is now always two seconds regardless of how the ability is applied.

Update .32 - September 27, 2016

  • Added Amethyst Muriel to the in-game store.

Update .31 - September 6, 2016

  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Visual adjustments to Alacrity and Serenity.

Update .30 - August 11, 2016

  • Consecrated Ground
    • Cooldown has been reduced by 2 seconds at all levels [18, 17, 16, 15] to [16, 15, 14, 13]
  • Reversal of Fortune
    • Improved targeting of nearby allies.
    • No longer targets teammates that are in the process of recalling.

Update .28 - June 30, 2016

  • Polish/Bug Fixing
    • Minor updates to Muriel’s animations.

Update .27.1 - June 21, 2016

  • Fixed an issue where Muriel could be invisible at the start of a match to the user when View Distance Quality is set to lowest

Update .27 - June 14, 2016

  • Passive - Restoration
    • This ability has been removed.
  • Alacrity
    • Shield value adjusted from 180 / 410 / 640 to 60 / 110 / 160 / 210.
  • Consecrated Ground
    • Shield value adjusted from 120 / 210 / 300 / 390 / 480 to 100 / 175 / 250 / 325.
    • Increased cast range from 1000 to 1750.
  • Reversal of Fortune
    • Shield value reduced from 700 / 900 / 1100 to 350 / 600 / 850.
    • Now only applies soft cooldown if the ability is cancelled by a hostile action. Choosing to cancel the ability still triggers no cooldown.

Update .25 - May 10, 2016

  • Changed Feng Mao's and Muriel's efforts sounds to play on 35% of the time.
  • Muriel Reversal of Fortune sound update to be louder and cooler sounding.
  • Changed movement speed reduction of Serenity from [-120] to [-100, -130, -160, -190, -220].
  • Reduced Shield per level of Alacrity from [180, 470, 760] to [180, 410, 640].
  • Reversal of Fortune: Removed AOE Shield that was being added to surrounding teammates after she landed and added 1 second onto the length of the Shield on the target she is Ulting to, to allow her time to get her Consecrated Ground or Alacrity Shield on the target just as the initial Shield drops off.
  • Serenity: Fixed a bug where the slow looked like it was applying, but it wasn't.
  • Serenity: Fixed a bug where its damage wasn't scaling with Energy Damage Cards.
  • Serenity: Fixed a bug that was making her reticle disappear sometimes if interrupted when her Q was warming up.
  • Fixed a bug for Reversal of Fortune where the reticle was disappearing.
  • Fixed a bug that would scale Muriel's reticle when targeting Rampage during his Ult.

Update .24 - April 21, 2016

  • Extended Recall animations for Kallari, Muriel Gideon, Sparrow and Steel to prevent them from popping back into idle before teleporting.
  • Updated Muriel's Hero portrait.
  • Removed the inconsistent soft cooldown for when you cancel your Reversal of Fortune. She no longer has a cooldown when cancelling.
  • Fixed an issue where Muriel's shields were being scaled much higher than intended.
  • Shields have been adjusted to compensate for value scaling bug.
    • Alacrity: 180, 470, 760
    • Consecrated Ground: 120, 210, 300, 390, 480
    • Reversal of Fortune (Main): 700, 900, 1100
    • Reversal of Fortune (AoE): 250, 450, 650
  • Fixed a bug with Reversal of Fortune where the interrupted cooldown was longer than intended. It is now 30% of total cooldown on interrupt.

Update .23 - April 6, 2016

  • Removed Twinblast, Howitzer and Muriel as recommended Heroes.
  • Muriel will now drop the Orb Prime if she tries to use her Reversal of Fortune while holding it.
  • Fixed a bug with Consecrated Ground ability that temporarily disabled the reticle.
  • Fixed a bug with Reversal of Fortune that allowed card activation while flying.

Update .22 - March 29, 2016

  • Muriel can no longer Ult with Prime Helix.

Update .21 - March 21, 2016

  • Added Muriel's knockback animation.
  • Made adjustments to Muriel's stun animations.
  • Updated ability names and descriptions.
  • Made adjustments to Reversal of Fortune ability to fix for intermittant issue of Muriel's camera detaching too early during the ability.

OT10 - March 5th, 2016

Patch 2:

  • Fixed an issue with Muriel’s Reversal of Fortune causing her to go underneath the world.

OT6 - February 5th, 2016

  • Boost (RMB): movespeed buff can now affect travel mode.

OT4 - January 23th, 2016

  • Grux, Howitzer, Muriel, Steel, and Twinblast are recommended for now.

OT3 - January 15th, 2016

  • Updated Feng Mao’s Mad Dash (Q) targeting camera.
  • Fixed an issue with Feng Mao’s teleport placing him a small distance above his intended endpoint.
  • Increased Base Health and per level Health scaling.
  • Increased Base Resistances.

OT2 - January 9th, 2016

  • Fixed a bug causing the projectile speed of her Orb attack (LMB) to feel slower than it should be. The projectile speed should now feel more in-line with Gideon’s primary speed.
  • Fixed a bug causing Reversal of Fortune (R) to land under the world.
  • Tweaked her flightpath and camera to eliminate clipping when she uses her Ultimate.
  • Added a few extra safeties to try and ensure there is no skidding after she lands her Ultimate.
  • Various improvements to travel mode and movement
    • 180 degree pivots are less pronounced than the starts
    • Wings for all directions orient more with the world.
    • Blending improvements for 180 pivots
    • Now skips the start animations if jumping.
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