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The world is my stage

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Morigesh will be a future hero coming to Paragon.

Morigesh is a powerful spirit completely focused on destroying The Fey. The Bathuu, an ancient drowned forest of Zechin where Morigesh’s spirit resides has been in a conflict with the neighboring forest of Amyyrn, home of The Fey. The Amyyrn spirits sent The Fey into the world in order to stop the destruction of nature and Morigesh watched carefully, waiting for her time to act.

When The Fey traveled to Agora, Morigesh knew it was her time to strike.

She found a woman who had wandered too close to the edge of the drowned forest and stole her body. With this new vessel, Morigesh went out into the world, sought out a portal to Agora and went through in pursuit of the Fey.


LMB PS4 R2 Ico 128x - ???
Melee basic attack

- ???
Dodge with shroud (invisibility?)

- PoisonField

- SacrificialDagger

R Ps4 triangle - ???
Mark, un-mark targets. Reveal enemies. Damage.

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