Monolith minimap

Monolith clear minimap

Monolith is the current map in Paragon. It replaced Agora on December 6, 2016.


Monolith was announced on September 30, 2016, by the community and on October 14 by Epic Games themselves. A series of blog posts were released showing the new map.

Part 1: Paragon's New Map (October 14, 2016)
Part 2: Safe Lane (October 19, 2016)
Part 3: Art and Visual Design (October 28, 2016)
Part 4: Mid Lane (November 4, 2016)
Part 5: Offlane (November 11, 2016)
Part 6: The Jungle (November 18, 2016)
Part 7: Monolith Systems and Hero Rework (November 23, 2016)


The objective is simple: destroy the enemy Core. To do this, heroes must traverse one of three different lanes to attack the enemy and the enemy's structures. Both teams' lanes are defended by two towers and one inhibitor. Towers closer to the core are stronger than those farther away. Each tower must be eliminated to allow minions access to the next tower in that lane. Cooperating with teammates is an absolute requirement for success, as it is easy for a champion to find themselves ambushed by enemies in the lanes of Monolith.


  • Three lanes to fight your way to the enemy Core.
  • In between lanes is the Jungle populated by various Neutral Monsters. Tougher monsters drop buffs that heroes can pick up.
    • In the center of the map is the Prime Helix Guardian. Slaying it will grant a powerful buff to the team that lands the killing blow.
    • The jungle also features Raptors, which grant a huge CXP bounty when slain, and the River Buff Monster, which grants powerful random buffs to the player lands the killing blow.
  • Powerful towers defend key areas on the map.
  • Two bases at opposite corners of the map, populated by a shop, the Core, and inhibitors that suppress the other team's minions.
  • Amber Links that grant CXP to the entire team based on how many neutral monsters have been killed.
  • Verticality, which allows heroes to attack enemies from above or below.


The map is segmented into three different lanes: the left (the "Offlane"), the right (the "Safe Lane") and the mid lane. Each lane leads to the other team's base, guarded by towers along the way. During the early laning phase of the game, most game play centers around the lanes.

Safe Lane

Monolith safelane

The Safe Lane

The primary function of the “safe lane” is to act as a safe place for high-economy scaling Heroes to set up shop in the early phase of a match. Carries can use the safe lane to ensure their success in the later phases of the game by safely building up their economic advantage.

The safe lane is safer than the other positions on the map. Players should be able to identify the safe lane as a low risk farming area that is more defensible than other lanes. The natural, defensible position of this lane makes it easier to avoid aggressive rotations from the enemy team and allows for a greater focus on last-hitting.

Mid Lane

Monolith midlane

The Mid Lane

The Mid Lane has a river perpendicularly running through it. It serves as a quick connection between the lanes, both jungles, and the Orb Prime camp. The Mid player needs to use the river to make quick and undetected rotations around the map.

Monolith introduces new objectives called River Buffs, which are short duration, high impact power-ups designed primarily for the Mid laner, though anyone can pick them up.

Off Lane

Monolith offlane

The Offlane

The Offlane is designed to be experience-rich. Experience is important as it has a big impact in increasing the power of abilities and base stats. Playing in the Off Lane requires managing resources until the experience advantage can take hold, which means something different for each hero. It may be a spike in ability damage or hitting level five and grabbing the ultimate ability before opponents.

Near the Off Lane (or, conversely, the enemy's Safe Lane) is the Gold Buff, which grants a CXP bonus to hero who lands the killing blow. Enemies in the Off Lane should claim their Gold Buff as soon as possible. During this time, the Off Laner gets some much needed breathing room. While the support duo is fighting the Gold Buff, the tables are turned. They are vulnerable to ganking, harassment, and an Off Laner stealing the Gold Buff.

The Jungle

Monolith jungle

The Jungle

The Jungle sits between the three lanes and consists of sixteen neutral camps that vary from basic camps to the Prime Helix Guardian's camp. The jungle also contains two Amber Links, which serve as amber extractors that passively give you Amber. It is important for a team and its Jungler to maximize CXP and XP gains by clearing the jungle camps and filling the Amber Link.

Jungle Camps

The Monolith Jungle is divided into two sides adjacent to the mid lane. For now, they are referred to as the strong and weak side. The strong side (next to Safe Lane) is called strong because it has more minion camps and access to the Jungle Buff. The weak side (next to Off Lane) is called weak because it has access to fewer minion camps. A jump pad sits next to the strong side Jungle that players can use to get to the weak side faster.

White Camps

Basic Camps consist of up to 5 White Guardians that provide your Hero with Experience Points and Amber when killed. They respawn or reinforce 60 seconds after they are defeated.

Green Camp

The Green Camp consists of two small minions and a third larger green colored minion that drops a buff orb when defeated. This minion has increased health and damage output. The Green Buff grants a 225 shield at level 1 (goes up by 25 each level) for 60 seconds that deals 15 damage when attacked + 115 damage at explosion at level 1 (goes up by 15 each level).

Gold Camp

The Gold Buff Monster is located by each team's Safe Lane. The Gold Buff grants 20% bonus CXP for 45 seconds.

The River Buffs

The River Buff Monster is located by each team's river. The monster drops a random powerful buff when slain, ranging from a simple movement speed bonus to being invisible for a short period of time.

The Raptors

The Raptors reside by the center of the map. They grant a huge CXP bonus when slain.

Prime Helix Guardian's Sanctuary

Jungle OP

The Prime Helix Guardian camp

This camp contains the powerful Prime Helix Guardian that typically requires your team to defeat. Defeating the Guardian drops a Prime Orb which activates the Prime Helix Card on your deck.


Concept Art

Work in progress

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