Minions are a type of minion not controlled by any player. These minions spawn in small groups for both teams, on each of the 3 lanes at the Core every 30 seconds, starting upon battle begin. They constantly push toward their enemy's base, moving a set path along the lane they spawned in. On their way they attack any enemy minions or units within their aggro range.

Lane minions are the only units capable of disabling Backdoor Protection​.

Minion Types

There are four types of lane minions: Melee, Ranged, Siege and Super Minions. Melee minions have more health and less attack damage than ranged minions. Ranged minions have lower health, but deal more damage per attack and are able to attack from a small distance. Siege minions spawn in every fourth wave. They have high health and a long ranged attack which deals significantly more damage against buildings.

Destroying either of the enemy team's Inhibitors causes the destroying team's respective lane to begin spawning additional super minions. Super minions are stronger than regular lane minions and give less Amber to the enemy when killed.

Minion Stats

Attribute Melee Ranged Siege Super
HP 625 350 650 840?
Attack Rating 7 21  ?  ?
Attack Speed 1.5 0.8 3 1.5
XP Dropped 18 24 24 12
Amber Dropped (Last Hit) 100 140 170 140
Attack Range 300 1000 1200 300


Minions spawn every 30 seconds from small structures positioned around the core in groups of 3 melee minions and 1 ranged. Every 12 minutes, an additional melee minion spawns per wave and at 36 minutes, an additional ranged minion appears. Siege Minions spawn every 4 waves. The first one appears at 2:30, and the next ones at 4:30, 6:30, etc. At 36:30 an additional Siege Minion begins to spawn.

After an inhibitor is deactivated a Super Minion spawns with the wave. They walk along their respective lanes, attacking any enemy unit or structure in their way, until they die.

They will first prioritize attacking enemy minions, then enemy structures, and finally enemy heroes - however they immediately aggro onto enemy heroes that are attacking allied heroes. Therefore attacking an enemy hero can be a useful way to draw away minion fire from an allied structure or other, more vulnerable hero. The first wave of the game spawns at one minute into the game.

Last Hitting

Getting the killing blow on a minion is known as 'last hitting'. When a hero last hits, they get more Card Experience than usual, and it goes straight to the Hero, no matter how far away the Hero was from the minion. Last hitting is a very important tactic, especially during the laning phase as it accelerates your CXP gain.

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