• Insists that each visitor drink tea, exchange gossip, and then fight her.
  • Her right arm does not belong to her.
  • Capsized the High Sorcerer's pleasure barge, to see if he could swim.


  • Remembers every meal she has ever had; taste, smell, and texture.
  • None have ever traveled to her lands, yet none doubt her claim to nobility.
  • Seeks that which is greater than herself, and believes she has found it.


  • Shots to his hard drive have corrupted most memories. Not sure which ones are real.
  • Feigns inactivity when being graffitied. Likes the attention.
  • Once KO'd a Gorzop, a Demonox, and a Giga-Tanker with a single uppercut.


  • Holds the record for most entries in the Exotic Locales Codex.

  • Respected by all, feared by many, and loved by two.

  • Has a secret obsession with low-cost holovids.

Feng Mao

  • Once ransacked an entire village searching for his pipe.

  • Has never worshipped the Jambakka, despite the pleas of his parents.

  • Denies the rumor that he "lost" three apprentices in a single day.


  • Has a not-so-secret gambling addiction.

  • Enjoys the company of machines more than people. Undecided about androids.

  • Joined the Mechanica at fifteen. Left it at sixteen.


  • Believes limits are for the meek.

  • On his sixth birthday, witnessed the death of a star. Fell in love.

  • Dekker suspects "Gideon" is not his true name.


  • Ran from every fight, until he lost it all, and stood up.
  • Has imprisoned Sparrow many times.

  • Keeps a lock of black hair in his boot, but no one knows why.


  • Grim won EXE in a crooked game of Bone Dice. Instructions were not included.

  • EXE is able to extrpolate 73.2% of Grim's speech.

  • Since he acquired EXE, all of Grim's debts have been forgiven.


  • Has crushed the skull of every challenger in his tribe.

  • Still cannot defeat his grandmother in single combat.

  • Seeks the forgiveness of his gods.


  • Published an article on grenades: theory, practice, and aesthetics.

  • Charged with destruction, mayhem, and defacing public property.

  • Installed a humidor in his mech.

Iggy and Scorch

  • Both were cast-out as runts. Suits them just fine.

  • Scorch once ate all the molotovs, passed out, and burned down an orphanage.

  • Iggy thinks he's a dinosaur. Scorch disagrees.


  • Some believe she kills for pleasure.

  • Some believe she kills because she must.

  • Some believe neither of these is true.


  • Dwelled in the jungle, alone, since the age of thirteen.

  • Has been worshipped as a vengeful nature god.

  • Does not speak. Unless he must.


  • Never utters the name of his sword in the hearing of others.
  • Believes in tradition and honoring one's parents.
  • Completely trusting, and often penniless.

Lt. Belica

  • Shot eleven times. Keeps five rounds in her desk, the other six in her bones.
  • Has a bounty on her head from the Ying Mei Cartel.
  • Personal life is a flaming mess.


  • Awakens each dawn with her body frozen, and the cries of the dead on her tongue.
  • Only kills that which can speak.
  • Narbash once gave her a pet frog; she asked no questions.


  • Hasn't worked with a partner since the "incident."

  • Never mention his wife.

  • Once suspended by Lt. Belica for hiding stun traps in the lavatory.


  • Long ago requested that her personality module be rewritten, but no longer knows why.

  • Has had many jokes explained to her, and has diligently noted that they were humorous.

  • Can see infrared and ultraviolet, but not full human spectrum.


  • Prefers a raw diet.

  • Enjoys camping in the wilderness.

  • A gifted storyteller.


  • Always finds what he is looking for, and then kills it.
  • Born on Omeda. Possessed on Letha.
  • Carries a bullet engraved with a woman's name.


  • Inmates learn to listen for the sound of the chains.

  • Enjoys soft music during long torture sessions.

  • Has a true passion for the detention industry.


  • The Vigilant expected the Rite of Atonement to kill her. So did she.
  • Can only remember her childhood when she surrenders to Heresy.
  • Fears that she will commit crimes for which there is no redemption.


  • Waits in the dark with timeless patience.

  • Does not sleep.

  • Looks forward to the signs that herald his end.


  • Has difficulty hiring event staff due to wolf-related injuries.
  • Remixes and performs ancient songs, but saves her mother's favorite for herself.
  • Receives a simple protection charm on every birthday. Thinks it's from her sister.


  • As a child, practiced the bow until her fingers bled, then practiced some more.

  • Has been imprisoned many times.

  • Loves the hunt more than the kill.


  • Understands the concept of mercy, just not as it applies to him.

  • First memory is the bay doors opening in low orbit.

  • Though many follow, denies being a leader.

The Fey

  • Believes that the purpose of all living things is to die, and feed the land.

  • More curious than the other Fey, thus she was chosen.

  • Loves all her "children".


  • Denies any affiliation with the Ying Mei Cartel, but drinks on their tab.

  • Has talked his way out of at least five executions.

  • Is pretty sure that he's a father.


  • Kallari believes he is addicted to the Shadow Plane
  • Is banned from several bars on Omeda. Frequents them anyways.
  • Can be glib, but has never shared classified information. Except that one time.


  • Walks the palace before dawn, imagining the city in ruins.
  • The youngest warrior since Feng Mao to become First Guardian.
  • The documents affirming her bloodline are exceptional forgeries.

World Lore

The following lore has been gathered from the text in loading screens.


  • "A season dies, a wheel turns, a seal opens. Thus, an end nears, so to, a beginning." - Ashurite engraving
  • The Ashur are as wise as they are powerful. But it was not always so.
  • Agora has many moons, but the Ashur have opened seals on only three: Zechin, Letha, and Omeda.
  • Omeda is mineral rich, but nutrient poor. Letha is home to many civilizations which bear little resemblance to that of their forebears. Zechin teems with deadly life.
  • Until the seals were opened, all attempts to travel to Agora met with disaster. Except for one.
  • "Many are called, few answer, and none have been chosen."

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