Loot Crate Menu (v35.1)

Loot Crates are a new feature that were added with Update v35.1. Loot Crates are a new way to get rare loot like  Rare Skins, Master Challenges, Boosts, Coins, and more. Loot Crates are randomly dropped after completing matches and require Keys to open them. You have a chance to get Keys from Tributes, and higher chances from Master Challenge Tributes. You can also purchase both Loot Crates and Keys with in-game Coins.

Loot Crates

Loot Crates cost 299 Coins icon by themselves or you can buy them in different bundles. You can also obtain Loot Crates randomly after completing matches. Loot Crates require Keys to open them before obtaining the loot that is inside.

The bundles available for Loot Crates are as follow:

  • Loot Crate: 299 Coins icon
  • 1 Loot Crate + Key: 498 Coins icon
  • 3 Loot Crates + Keys: 1,195 Coins icon
  • 10 Loot Crates + Keys: 3,486 Coins icon


Keys are obtainable through Diamond Chests, though these are very rare. There's a higher chance to obtain Keys from Master Tributes.

The bundles available for Keys are as follow:

  • 1 Key: 199 Coins icon
  • 3 Keys: 597 Coins icon
  • 10 Keys: 1,990 Coins icon


Legendary Rewards

  • Blush Forest Rogue Sparrow
  • Lunar Forest Rogue Sparrow
  • Orchid Royal Garb Rogue Sparrow
  • Ivory Royal Garb Rogue Sparrow
  • Cobalt Monastic Rogue Kallari
  • Royal Monastic Rogue Kallari
  • Coral Desert Rogue Kallari
  • Alabaster Desert Rogue Kallari
  • Dark Abomination Banner
  • Gold Abomination Banner
  • Iron Abomination Banner
  • Coins icon

Epic Rewards

  • Doomsday Steel
  • Red Undertow Gideon
  • White Undertow Gideon
  • Glampoint Banner
  • Flamepoint Banner
  • Star Beacon Banner
  • Harbinger of Death Banner
  • Loot Crate Key x2
  • Coins icon

Rare Rewards

  • Ruby Scarab Grux
  • Biofreak Murdock
  • Grux Pelt Khaimera
  • Autumn Keeper Fey
  • Cobalt First Guardian Feng Mao
  • Rusted First Guardian Feng Mao
  • Ruby Shellshock Gadget
  • Marine Shellshock Gadget
  • Solar Hardcase Howitzer
  • Orchid Hardcase Howitzer
  • Red Snakebite Murdock
  • Aqua Snakebite Murdock
  • Onyx Obsidian Rampage
  • Alabaster Obsidian Rampage
  • Jungle Zechin Huntress Sparrow
  • Cobalt Zechin Huntress Sparrow
  • Green Shadow Ops Twinblast
  • Red Shadow Ops Twinblast
  • Citrine Fury Wukong
  • Lavender Fury Wukong
  • Techpoint Banner
  • Terra Beacon Banner
  • Angel Crest Banner
  • Honor Crest Banner
  • Harbinger of Souls Banner
  • Coins icon

Uncommon Rewards

  • All Master Challenges
  • Shockpoint Banner
  • Checkpoint Banner

Additional Rewards - Skins

Epic have started to replace skins with skin variations. Over the coming patches expect these skins to be removed and replaced with variations of the skin.

  • Golden Masque Countess
  • Chrome-Dome Crunch
  • Golden Gloves Crunch
  • Siege-Breaker Crunch
  • Inner Fire Feng Mao
  • Frostbloom Fey
  • Nightshade Fey
  • Opaline Fey
  • Firewall GRIM.exe
  • Fireball Iggy & Scorch
  • Moon Viper Khaimera
  • Sun Tiger Khaimera
  • White Tiger Khaimera
  • Sepia Muriel
  • Amethyst Muriel
  • Ginger Jamz Narbash
  • Bronze Warden Riktor
  • Morning Star Serath
  • Bloodgold Serath
  • Grand Oracle Sevarog
  • Aegis Steel
  • Diesel Steel

Additional Rewards - Skin Variations

  • Aqua Default Aurora
  • Purple Default Aurora
  • Green Moon Crystal Aurora
  • Blue Moon Crystal Aurora
  • Blue Default Countess
  • Green Default Countess
  • Green Carnivale Countess
  • Red Carnivale Countess
  • Onyx Default Dekker
  • Rose Default Dekker
  • Blush Arctic Frost Dekker
  • Emerald Arctic Frost Dekker
  • Gilded Energised Dekker
  • Sky Energised Dekker
  • Blush Default Gadget
  • Coral Default Gadget
  • Desert Guerilla Gadget
  • Arctic Guerilla Gadget
  • Black Default Gideon
  • Purple Default Gideon
  • Black Inquisitor Gideon
  • Purple Inquisitor Gideon
  • Pink Default Greystone
  • Aqua Default Greystone
  • Pink Dragonlord Greystone
  • Blue Dragonlord Greystone
  • Purple White Tiger Greystone (T2)
  • Gold White Tiger Greystone (T2)
  • Gilded Glossy Boss Grim.exe
  • Royal Glossy Boss Grim.exe
  • Cobalt Default Grux
  • Blush Default Grux
  • Emerald War Chief Grux
  • Cobalt War Chief Grux
  • Onyx Default Howitzwer
  • Sky Default Howitzer
  • Chrome Wasteland Howitzer
  • Tropic Wasteland Howitzer
  • Orchid Hot Rod Howitzer
  • Sanguine Hot Rod Howitzer
  • Coral Default Iggy & Scorch
  • Marine Default Iggy & Scorch
  • Lunar Char-Demon Iggy & Scorch
  • Sky Char-Demon Iggy & Scorch
  • Velvet Deafult Kallari
  • Orchid Default Kallari
  • Deep Sea Death Kallari
  • Chrome Death Kallari
  • Red Default Khaimera
  • Blue Default Khaimera
  • Topaz Default Kwang
  • Cobalt Default Kwang
  • Royal Ghost Kwang
  • Sanguine Ghost Kwang
  • Alabaster Rosewood Kwang
  • Sanguine Rosewood Kwang
  • Onyx Default Lt. Belica
  • Military Default Lt. Belica
  • Gunmetal Polar Strike Lt. Belica
  • Marine Polar Strike Lt. Belica
  • Ichor Biohazard Lt. Belica
  • Neon Biohazard Lt. Belica
  • Jungle Default Morigesh
  • Ochre Default Morigesh
  • Solar Darkheart Morigesh (T2)
  • Lunar Darkheart Morigesh (T2)
  • Green Default Murdock
  • Blue Default Murdock
  • Orange Executioner Murdock
  • White Executioner Murdock
  • Tropical Tribal Vibe Narbash
  • Onyx Tribal Vibe Narbash
  • Aqua Default Phase
  • Cobalt Default Phase
  • Gilded Shadow Lynx Phase (T2)
  • Orchid Shadow Lynx Phase (T2)
  • Jungle Default Rampage
  • Fossil Default Rampage
  • Desert Wasteland Rampage
  • Neon Wasteland Rampage
  • Velvet Default Revenant
  • Orchid Default Revenant
  • Rusted Chronos Revenant
  • Marine Chronos Revenant
  • Emerald Raven Quill Revenant (T2)
  • Lunar Raven Quill Revenant (T2)
  • Sanguine Death Mask Severog (T2)
  • Cobalt Death Mask severog (T2)
  • Pink Default Shinbi
  • Blue Default Shinbi
  • Purple Dynasty Shinbi
  • Blue Dynasty Shinbi
  • Cobalt Default Sparrow
  • Tropic Default Sparrow
  • Sky Autumn Fire Sparrow
  • Solar Autumn Fire Sparrow
  • Purple Default Twinblast
  • Orange Default Twinblast
  • Green Energized Twinblast
  • Pink Energized Twinblast
  • Gunmetal Default Wukong
  • Topaz Default Wukong
  • Ochre Royal Wukong (T2)
  • Lunar Royal Wukong (T2)
  • Pearl Default Yin
  • Candy Default Yin
  • Topaz Wind Gauntlet Yin (T2)
  • Primrose Wind Gaunlet Yin (T2)
  • Jump Rope Riktor Emote
  • Hollow Praise Sevarog Emote
  • Standing By Murdock Emote
  • So Sleepy Iggy Emote
  • The Vortex Gideon Emote
  • Fake Out Twinblast Emote
  • Meaning of Life Rampage Emote
  • No No No Gadget Emote
  • Shoot This! Howitzer Emote
  • Swordsman Style Kwang Emote
  • Call The Shot Yin Emote
  • Glitterbug Fey Emote
  • Cloud Bringer Morigesh Emote
  • Epic Riff Greystone Emote
  • Prove It Dekker Emote
  • Hats Off Revenant Emote
  • Drop Your Weapons Lt. Belica Emote
  • No Pain No Gain Murdock Emote
  • Secondhand Slice Feng Mao Emote
  • Narbash's Moment Emote
  • Crushing It Grux Emote
  • 45,000 Reputation (Substitution: If everything 'Uncommon' and 'Additional' is owned)

Rewards added to 'The Vault'

Legendary skins are eventually removed from loot crates and added to 'The Vault' when replaced with new ones. Epic have not stated if or when these will be available in the future:

  • Onyx Scarab Grux
  • Gilded Scarab Grux
  • Green-Freak Murdock
  • Blue-Freak Murdock
  • Copper Beast Rampage
  • Glacier Born Rampage
  • Golden Bones Undertow Gideon
  • Sky Golden Bones Undertow Gideon
  • Velvet Golden Bones Undertow Gideon
  • Los Muertos Undertow Gideon
  • Fiesta Los Muertos Undertow Gideon
  • Ichor Los Muertos Undertow Gideon
  • Onyx Rogue Sparrow
  • Cobalt Rogue Sparrow
  • Alabaster Rogue Kallari
  • Ichor Rogue Kallari
  • Cobalt Novaborn Greystone
  • Ruby Novaborn Greystone
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