Hero Portrait Kallari Traits: Melee | Assassin | Elusive | Ganker | Attacker | Initiator
Release Date: December 12, 2015 (OT1)
Difficulty: Expert
Base Stats Overview:
Basic Damage - 8
Ability Damage - 4
Durability - 1
Mobility - 9

Base Stats:
Base Health: 583 (+62)
Health Regen: 0.97 (+0.11)
Base Mana: 248 (+15)
Mana Regen: 1.23 (+0.05)
Ability Defense: 30
Basic Defense: 14.3 (+3)
Basic Attack Damage: 61.6 (+2.8)
Attacks Per Second: 1.25 (+2.5%)
Movement Speed: 640

Kallari is a high risk high reward melee Assassin and a global threat to her enemies. Kallari is more mechanically demanding than other heroes and relies on stealth and guerilla tactics to catch enemies off guard. Be smart about your engagements and look for opportunities to surprise your enemies. Use your abilities to set the tempo of the match, by applying pressure to lanes on the other side of the map. When the time is right, join the fight with Death Sentence and help your team pick off stragglers.


Ability Slash Slash
Basic attack dealing Basic Damage
Cleave Damage: 5%

Ability Crippling Dagger Crippling Dagger
Kallari throws a dagger dealing Ability Damage and applying a 65% Movement Speed Slow for 1.5 second.
Ability Damage: 129/187/246/304
Mana Cost: 50/60/70/80
Movement Speed Slow: 65%
Range: 3000
Power Scaling: 2.09
Cooldown: 4
Slow Duration: 1.5s

Ability Shadow Walk Shadow Walk
After a 1.75 second delay, Kallari enters the Shadow Plane, gaining 15% Movement Speed for 8/23 seconds or until she uses an offensive ability. Landing a Slash while in Shadow Walk will deal 50/125% bonus Basic Damage.
Bonus Damage: 50/75/100/125%
Cooldown: 8
Duration: 8/13/18/23
Mana Cost: 30
Movement Speed Bonus: 15%
Fade Delay: 1.75


  • Activates automatically when Kallari drops below 35% Health (triggers only once every 60 seconds).

Ability Shadow Dance Shadow Dance
Passive:After Jumping, press Jump again to flip into the air up to two times. Upon landing, Shadow Dance will go on Additionally, Health Regen is increased while in the Shadow Plane.
Cooldown: 14/13/12/11 Bonus Health Regeneration: 8/12/16/20

Ability Death Sentence Death Sentence
Kallari applies a Death Mark to all enemy heroes for 5/7 seconds. During that time, Kallari can reconfirm the ability to teleport to the target, applying a 30% Movement Speed Slow for 2 seconds and then dealing Ability Damage upon arrival.
Movement Speed Slow: 30%
Power Scaling: 2.09
Cooldown: 110/100/90
Ability Damage: 146/205/263
Mana Cost: 100
Slow Duration: 2


  • Some believe she kills for pleasure.
  • Some believe she kills because she must.
  • Some believe neither of these is true.

Extra Lore

  • "When we were children, we had action figures from a popular science fiction Holovid. Kallari's favorite was the blue one." - Muriel



Kallari Default skin

Kallari in her original darkframe.

How to Unlock: Unlocked by default

Kallari Challenger skin

"Recruits wear the light to earn the shadow." - Instructor Liu

How to Unlock: Begin Kallari's Master Challenge

Kallari Master skin

"Now, I see." - Kallari

How to Unlock: Obtain the title of Master with Kallari

Kallari Red Death skin

Meet the reaper.

How to Unlock: Purchase at the Store for 500 Coins icon or obtain as a Loot Crate drop

Kallari Rouge skin

"Sometimes it's useful to strike fear in your target's heart, then strike your dagger in the same place." - Kallari's Journal

How to Unlock: Purchase at the Store for 1200 Coins icon

Kallari Peppermint skin

Kallari surprised everyone when she appeared at the Winterfest potluck.

How to Unlock: Winterfest 2016 event. Purchasable from December 13 2016 to January 9 2017 for 600 Coins icon



Paragon - Kallari Overview01:40

Paragon - Kallari Overview

Paragon - Kallari Highlights01:43

Paragon - Kallari Highlights

Change Log

Update V44.6 - December 12, 2017

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • The target of Death Sentence will now hear a more obvious audio cue alert.
    • Minor visual improvements to the Red Death skin.

Update V44.3 - November 20, 2017

  • Shadow Walk
    • Mana cost decreased from 60 to 30.
    • Movement Speed bonus increased from 10% to 15%.
  • Crippling Dagger
    • Slow magnitude increased from 40% to 65%.
    • Slow duration increased from 1s to 1.5s.
  • General Balance
    • Base Basic Defense decreased from 20.2 to 14.3.
    • Basic Defense per level increased from 2.6 to 3.
    • Base Basic Attack Damage increased from 56.4 to 61.6.
    • Basic Attack Damage per level decreased from 3.1 to 2.8.
    • Movement Speed decreased from 680 to 640.

Update V43.3 - October 10, 2017

  • Shadow Dance
    • Health regen from increased 6/8/10/12 to 8/12/16/20
  • General Balance
    • Base health increased from 549 to 583
    • Base health regen increased from 0.91 to 0.97

Update V42.3 - August 29, 2017

  • Shadow Dance
    • Cooldown from 12/10/8/6 to 14/13/12/11
  • Basic attack base dmg from 59 to 56
  • Basic attack dmg per level from 4 to 3
  • Attack speed per level from 2.7 to 2.5
  • Base Basic Defense from 25 to 20
  • Basic defense per level from 3 to 2.6
  • Shadow Walk
    • Mana cost from 50 to 60

Update V42 - August 8, 2017

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Kallari’s cape would clip through her model when performing the Cutthroat emote while wearing any Rogue Kallari skin
      • Corrected this issue
  • Shadow Walk
    • "Cheat Death" passive effect removed
    • The cooldown timer for this ability now begins once she exits the shadowplane
      • Previously, the cooldown timer begun as soon as she activated the ability

Update V41.3 - July 18, 2017

  • Death Lotus Kallari skin added to the in-game store

Update V41 - June 27, 2017

  • Kallari Shadow Walk fade audio can now be heard by enemies
  • Casting Shadow Walk will now play a sound heard by both allies and enemies
  • Cheat Death audio will no longer play if Kallari is already in the Shadowplane

Update V40.1 - May 26, 2017

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Shadow Walk
      • The lens timer will refresh if Cheat Death is triggered while Shadow Walk is active
      • The lens timer now shows accurate timing

Update V40 - May 16, 2017

  • Crippling Dagger
    • Has been moved to RMB / R1 and is now a quickcast ability.
    • Base damage increased to 75 / 115 / 155 / 195 from 60 / 80 / 100 / 120.
  • Backflip
    • Has been removed.
  • New ability: Shadow Dance (E / Triangle).
    • Passively provides bonus Health Regeneration while Kallari is in the Shadow Plane (3 / 6 / 9 / 12).
    • Allows Kallari to jump up to two additional times after Jumping (in the same way as Backflip did) (Spacebar / X).
    • Cooldown of triple jump reduced to 14/12/10/8 seconds from 18/15/12/9 seconds.
    • Activating the triple jump costs no Mana.
  • Shadow Walk
    • Now automatically activates when Kallari drops below 35% Health.
    • This effect can only trigger once every 60 seconds.
    • Only triggers if the damage dealt comes from enemy heroes.
  • Death Sentence
    • Added a -250 slow while Kallari is channeling Death Sentence to her intended victim.
    • This should help her line up more when she arrives.

Update V38.4 - March 21, 2017

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Backflip
      • Fixed animation which sometimes broke after a basic attack.

Update V38.3 - March 14, 2017

  • Death Sentence
    • Cooldown reduced to 110 / 100 / 90 from 110 at all levels

Update V38 - February 21, 2017

  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Fixed a bug where Kallari could increase her jump height when silenced

Update V37.2 - February 14, 2017

  • Shadow Walk
    • Kallari should no longer be able to recall while in Shadow Walk

Update V37 - January 31, 2017

  • Polish/Bug Fixing
    • Kallari should no longer jump higher than normal when silenced mid-jump.
    • Fixed a bug where Kallari could cast Shadow Walk and then Death Sentence, allowing her to appear stealthed after dealing damage.

Update V36 - January 10, 2017

  • Crippling Dagger
    • Now scales correctly with cards.

Update V35.1 - December 13, 2016

  • Shadow Walk
    • Increased mana cost to 50 at all levels from 35/40/45/50
  • Crippling Dagger
    • Increased mana cost to 35/40/45/50 from 25/30/35/40

Update V35 - December 6, 2016

  • Shadow Walk
    • Basic Attacks from stealth now deal 250% normal damage.
    • Basic Attacks from stealth can no longer crit.
    • Basic Attacks from stealth no longer deal bonus ability damage.
    • Basic Attacks, Crippling Dagger, Backflip and all other abilities other than Death Sentence will no longer prevent Shadow Walk from activating during the fade time.
    • Reduced cooldown from 20/19/18/17 to 15 seconds at all levels.
  • Crippling Dagger
    • Damage type adjusted from "Physical" to "Ability."
    • Cooldown reduced from 15 to 6 seconds at all levels.
    • Range of projectile has been increased from 2000 to 3000.
    • Projectile speed has been increased.
    • Slow duration decreased from 3 to 1 second.
    • Slow magnitude has been increased significantly.
  • Backflip
    • Cooldown reduced from 18/17/16/15 to 18/15/12/9 seconds.
  • Death Sentence
    • Damage type adjusted from "Physical" to "Ability."
    • Cooldown reduced from 125/115/105 to 110 seconds at all levels.
    • Now deals base damage + scaling rather than a multiplier of LMB/R2.

Update V34 - November 8, 2016

  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Improved Kallari Death Sentence audio.

Update V33 - October 18, 2016

  • Polish/Bug Fixing
    • Visual polish to Shadow Walk.

Update V32 - September 27, 2016

  • Death Sentence
    • Added a timer to indicate how much longer of a window player’s have to confirm the ability.
  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Various tooltips have been updated for clarity.

Update V31 - September 6, 2016

  • Added Intellect as second affinity.
  • Slash
    • Increased Slash damage from 42 to 50.
  • Shadow Walk
    • Increased base damage boost gained when attacking from stealth [25 / 50 / 75 / 100] to [40 / 75 / 110 / 145]
  • Crippling Dagger
    • Base Damage adjusted from [100 / 130 / 160 / 190] to [80 / 130 / 180 / 230]
  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Tweaked look of Death Sentence
  • Removed Mana Regen as non-recommended stat.

Update V30 - August 11, 2016

  • Death Sentence
    • Improved targeting of nearby enemies.
  • Crippling Dagger
    • Movement slow is now reflected in the tooltip.

Update V28 - June 30, 2016

  • Added Red Death Kallari Skin.
  • Shadow Walk
    • Activating Shadow Walk while on a Shadow Pad will no longer take you out of stealth before putting you back into stealth.
  • Death Sentence
    • Fixed an issue where a partial cooldown was triggered if Kallari died during the channel, but full cooldown if cancelled.
  • Polish/Bug Fixing:
    • Updated tooltip for Shadow Walk.
    • Fix foot sliding around while stunned.

Update V27 - June 14, 2016

  • Kallari has been reworked.
    • Please see below for a detailed breakdown of the changes.
  • Passive - Marked for Death
    • This ability has been removed.
  • Slash
    • Reduced base damage from 60 to 51.
  • Backflip
    • Cooldown increased from 12 seconds to 18 seconds.
  • Shadow Walk
    • Stealth duration increased and now scales with ability level.(From 6 seconds to 18 / 24 / 30 / 36 seconds.
    • Cooldown slightly reduced per level.
    • Cooldown now begins when ability is activated, not when it ends.
    • Allied stealth sound has been removed - teammates will only hear when stealth is activated.
    • Enemies will no longer hear Kallari while she is stealthed near them but not visible.
    • Kallari now gets a small attack damage bonus on the first hit of her Slash if she breaks stealth to attack a target.
    • Kallari now has a 2 second fade time at all levels of stealth. During this time, she is still fully visible to enemies.
  • Blood Dagger
    • Ability renamed to “Crippling Dagger”.
    • Damage adjusted to 100 / 130 / 160 / 190.
    • Bleed has been removed.
    • Now slows target by -70 / -95 / -120 / -145 Movement Speed.
    • Damage scaling reduced from 1.0 to 0.5.
  • Death Sentence
    • This ability has been redesigned.
    • Active: Mark all enemy targets for 5/6/7 seconds, giving Kallari and her team full vision of them. During this time, Kallari may choose to teleport to any enemy after a 1.25 second channel. On arrival, the target takes 1.0 / 1.5 / 2.0 times base attack damage. Cooldown is 125 / 115 / 105 seconds.
  • Polish / Bug Fixing:
    • Fixed a bug where Kallari could activate stealth while channeling recall.
    • Mana Regen has been removed as a recommended stat.

Update V26 - May 24, 2016

  • Updated starter decks to include a Fighter Deck.

Update V25 - May 10, 2016

  • Tooltip fix: Her cooldown on Shadow Walk isn't reset completely on Hero kills, it's lowered by 15s.
  • Movement speed has been updated to the correct speed.

Update V24 - April 21, 2016

  • Extended Recall animations for Kallari, Muriel Gideon, Sparrow and Steel to prevent them from popping back into idle before teleporting.
  • Adjusted overall play rate of Blood Dagger slightly to make the animation sync more closely with the knife projectile.

Update V23 - April 6, 2016

  • Added Kallari vocal efforts when attacking, walking, jumping, etc.
  • Fixed a bug where Kallari's Backflip ability would be canceled when targeting with Death Sentence.
  • Kallari's passive ability, Marked for Death will now only trigger vision and marking targets while she is still alive.

Update V21 - March 21, 2016

  • Updated Kallari's Passive ability to display the correct description for the ability on the Hero select screen.

Update V20 - March 14, 2016

  • Feng Mao, Grux and Kallari are unlocked at Level 7.

Update OT10 - March 5th, 2016

Patch 2:

  • Adjusted base camera to avoid character penetration when looking straight up.

Update OT3 - January 16, 2016

  • Added short description updates for in-game ability upgrade menu.
  • Death Sentence (R ult ability) ignores Armor vs. Critically wounded targets.
  • Dagger (E) lowered angle slightly to decrease the daggers that flew over an opponent despite having a “Red” reticule.

Update OT2 - January 9th, 2016

  • Fixed a bug where stealth ability would block other targeting modes visuals.
  • Fixed an issue caused by her Passive which led to incorrect stuns against enemy heroes in travel mode.

R - Death Sentence

Changed the shape of the ultimate’s dash from a square to a sphere to make damage more consistent while moving.

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