The Jump Pads are a feature in Paragon. They allow you to quickly traverse long distances by propelling you up into the air, however you are still targetable and vulnerable to damage when doing so. There are 2 Jump Pads on each base, and 1 Jump Pad in the jungle of each team, just above the Green Camp.

Base Jump Pads

Jump Pad 1

Base Jump Pads

There are 2 Jump Pads in each team's fountain. Each of them leads to the inbetween the mid and outer inhibitors. Whenever either of the Tier 2 towers fall, both Jump Pads are deactivated for the team that loses that tower.

Jungle Jump Pad

Jump Pad 2

Jungle Jump Pad

Above each of the Green Camps, there is an additional Jump Pad that leads across the Mid Lane to the opposite side of the Jungle, just near the entrance to the Offlane. Both teams can use each of these Jump Pads.

Unlike Base Jump Pads, these Jump Pads will never deactivate, however you can be targeted by an enemy Tower if using an enemy Jump Pad.

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