Blue inhibitor

An Inhibitor is the last structure that defends the core. It dictates what type of minion will spawn in that lane. There are three inhibitors on each end of the map, protecting the path to the Core. If an inhibitor is active, each minion wave will consist of several normal ranged and melee minions. Every fourth wave will also have a "siege minion," a minion that has more health than average.

If an inhibitor in a lane is destroyed, the opposing team will spawn a different wave of minions. This wave has a "Super Minion" at the helm along with other minions. They have higher health and cause more damage than regular minions. As there is an Inhibitor in each lane prior to reaching the Core, at least one of them will have to be destroyed before the Core can be attacked. Until then, it is invulnerable to damage.

Like Towers, Inhibitors will go on the offensive and attack minions as well as enemy players. They can withstand a lot of damage but can do a lot as well. Players will want to buffet themselves with minions before trying to take out an inhibitor. Inhibitors will switch from target to target and enemy players near the structure will be visible on the map.

Destruction of an Inhibitor gives experience to all allied Heroes near the area. The team that destroys an inhibitor will spawn Super Minions. Inhibitors will not respawn if destroyed.

Base Stats

Health Damage Armor Attack Speed Basic Attack Time Experience when destroyed Card Experience when destroyed
3200  ?? 60 100 1.5 52 300 (330 global)
Hero AbilitiesAffinities (Corruption/Fury/Growth/Intellect/Order) ● AuraBasic and Ability ArmorCard ExperienceCard PowerCooldownCooldown ReductionExperienceJumpHealthManaMovement Speed
Cards Cards (Equipment Cards/Prime Helix Cards/Upgrade Cards/Scythes/Siphons/Shadow Wards) ● Card PacksCard StoreWeekly Card Pack Rotation
Attack Attack SpeedBasic AttackBasic Attack TimeBasic Attack Modifiers (Critical Strike (Critical Strike Bonus)/Lifesteal (Spell Lifesteal)/Basic and Ability Armor Penetration) ● Damage over timeBasic and Ability Damage
Disables, debuffs and status effects Buffs (River Buffs/Green Buff/Gold Buff/Orb Prime Buff) ● BleedBlightBurnCleanseFreezeKnock BackKnock UpLife GrantPoisonRecallRootShadow PlaneShieldShredSilenceSlowStasisStunTeleportWeaken
World AgoraMinimapAmberAmber LinkBackdoor ProtectionCoreFog WallsFountainInhibitorJump PadMinionsNeutral MonstersRaptorsTowerWardsWhite Camp
Gameplay GankingHarassmentInitiatingJunglingLanePushingTraits
Legacy Red CampBlue CampBlack CampAltarHarvester (Harvester Keys) ● Shadow PadsTravel Mode

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