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Heroes are the essential element of Paragon, as the course of the game is dependent on their intervention. During a match, two opposing teams select five heroes that accumulate Experience and Card Experience. As a hero gains experience, they will level up, growing more powerful and gaining new abilities. All heroes have a distinct Role that defines how they affect the battlefield. A hero's appearance can be modified with Skins.

Currently 25 heroes are playable, with new heroes currently being released every 3 weeks. An additional 17 heroes are in the game's data, but they are unreleased.


Icon Fighter Fighters

Hero Portrait CrunchCrunch Hero Portrait Feng MaoFeng Mao Hero Portrait GreystoneGreystone Hero Portrait GruxGrux Hero Portrait KallariKallari Hero Portrait KwangKwang Hero Portrait KhaimeraKhaimera Hero Portrait RampageRampage Hero Portrait RiktorRiktor Hero Portrait SevarogSevarog Hero Portrait SteelSteel

Icon Caster Casters

Hero Portrait CountessCountess Hero Portrait DekkerDekker Hero Portrait GadgetGadget Hero Portrait GideonGideon Hero Portrait HowitzerHowitzer Hero Portrait Iggy and ScorchIggy & Scorch Hero Portrait Lt. BelicaLt. Belica Hero Portrait MurielMuriel Hero Portrait NarbashNarbash Hero Portrait The FeyThe Fey

Icon Ranger Rangers

Hero Portrait GRIM.exeGrim.exe Hero Portrait MurdockMurdock Hero Portrait SparrowSparrow Hero Portrait TwinBlastTwinBlast

Traits AssassinAttackerBurstControllerDurableElusiveGankerGuardianInitiatorMarauderSiegerWildZoner

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