The Hero Progression Levels are an aspect of Paragon. They are a form of experience that applies to specific heroes rather than the player as a whole. They are gained through playing matches in Players vs Players and Coop vs AI modes. All heroes begin at level 1, and can reach level 10 at the highest. Level progression unlocks rewards such as Tributes and Card Packs.


Sevarog Challenger

A Mastery is a type of reward system that players will need to purchase to unlock. Players can purchase it with at any point while leveling using 75000Icon Reputation or 1300Coins icon.

The Hero Mastery can be unlocked at Level 1. 

How it works

  • Players without a Master Challenge can level any Hero to level 5 and gain rewards at each level. Players will not gain any extra rewards for levels 6-10.  They will recieve the base amount of XP for playing their Heroes. 
  • Players with a Master Challenge will unlock the Challenge Skin and will gain additional XP rewards from 1-5 and all rewards available from level 6-10.  At level 10, players will unlock the Master Skin. 


Hero Level XP Required Free Rewards Master Challenge Rewards Master Challenge Match XP Bonus Master Challenge Title
1 0 N/A Challenger Skin +5% (+1% to teammates) Initiate
2 5,567 Silver Chest N/A +5% (+1% to teammates) Initiate
3 11,136 Card Pack N/A +5% (+1% to teammates) Initiate
4 16,704 Silver Chest N/A +5% (+1% to teammates) Initiate
5 22,271 Card Pack N/A +5% (+1% to teammates) Challenger
6 46,681 N/A Diamond Chest +6% (+1% to teammates) Challenger
7 77,950 N/A Diamond Chest +7% (+2% to teammates) Challenger
8 105,790 N/A Emote +8% (+3% to teammates) Challenger
9 111,357 N/A Diamond Chest +9% (+4% to teammates) Challenger
10 139,196 N/A Master Skin +10% (+5% to teammates) Master

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