Hero experience (XP) is used to raise the player's Hero Level. Hero experience is gained when killing enemy Minions, Structures and Heroes. As a Hero levels up, their base stats are increased and they are given the choice to level an Ability. This allows the Hero to unlock new abilities, or even level their existing abilities.

Leveling an ability increases its effectiveness; making the move stronger, usable more often, but at the cost of more resources. At level five, a Hero can unlock their Ultimate ability. Ultimate abilities are a hero’s most powerful skill, and can be used to change the course of a team fight, or even an entire game.

Hero experience (XP) allows a player to level their Abilities and become stronger. Upon reaching level 15, Abilities will then be completely upgraded, Your Hero can further level to 20 allowing more Health and Mana. Upon reaching maximum level; (XP) is no longer gained.

Gaining Hero Experience

There are five ways to gain experience. Experience isn't gained over time.

  • Killing a hero
  • Assisting
  • Proximity to a minion death: Regardless of whether it was last hit or killed by another source.
  • Structures
  • Monsters: Different monsters give different amounts. All XP is split evenly between nearby Heroes.

XP Level Cost and Sharing

Level Amount of XP needed
1 0
2 110
3 145
4 185
5 225
6 270
7 320
8 370
9 420
10 475
11 530
12 585
13 635
14 680
15 720
16 770
17 820
18 875
19 930
20 985

XP is also shared between all nearby allies in a 2000 unit radius.

Heroes in radius Amount of XP gained per hero
1 100%
2 50%
3 33%
4 25%
5 20%
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