Guardian's Ward is a common Icon UniversalUniversal equipment card.

How to obtain

Guardian's Ward can be earned through card packs or through crafting.

Crafting Cost Dismantling
Resource Cost Rep Cost Resources Earned
600 Metal IconMetal 250 Icon Reputation 100 Metal IconMetal

Shadow Ward

Guardian's Ward has 2 Shadow Ward charges, each charge reveals the surrounding area for 3 minutes. The ward becomes invisible shortly after placing, and will give you a sound alert if an enemy is near the ward. The wards can be revealed using other Shadow Wards. Heroes in the Shadow Plane can also see Shadow Wards. The Ward has 225 health and takes 60% reduced Ability Damage. Charges refresh at base.

This card does not share cooldown with Scout's Ward.

Recommended Heroes

See also

Change Log

Update .40 - May 16, 2017

  • Now has 225 Health instead of pips and takes 60% reduced Ability Damage.

Update .36 - January 10, 2017

  • Fully Upgraded Bonus changed to Max Health from Power.

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