The Green Camp is a large camp of neutral monsters. It contains the Green Guardian and two small White Guardians. It appears in Monolith.

The Green Camp spawns at 1:30 minute mark, and respawns 180 seconds after kill.

Base Stats (Green Guardian)

Base Health 1190 (1500 max)
Health Regen Instant when out of combat
Damage 21
Movement Speed ??
Basic Attack Armor 20
Attack Speed 0.8
Ability Armor 40
Experience 45
Gold 200

Base Stats (Small White Guardian)

Base Health 280
Health Regen Instant when out of combat
Damage 4
Movement Speed ??
Basic Attack Armor 20
Attack Speed 0.5
Ability Armor 40
Experience 15
Gold 50

The Green Buff

Killing the Green Guardian drops the Green Buff. Person who takes it gains a 180 shield at level 1 (goes up by 20 each level) for 60 seconds that deals 20 damage when attacked + 80 damage at explosion at level 1 (goes up by 13 each level).

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