The Green Camp is a large camp of neutral monsters. It contains the Green Guardian and two White Guardians. It appears in Monolith.

The Green Camp spawns at 1:30 minute mark, and respawns 180 seconds after kill.

Base Stats (Green Guardian)

Base Health 850
Health Regen Instant when out of combat
Damage 28
Movement Speed ??
Basic Attack Armor 0
Attack Speed 1.5
Ability Armor 0
Experience 40
Card Experience 120

Base Stats (White Guardian)

Base Health 480
Health Regen Instant when out of combat
Damage 6
Movement Speed ??
Basic Attack Armor 0
Attack Speed 0.5
Ability Armor 0
Experience 20
Card Experience 73

The Jungle Buff

Killing the Green Guardian drops the Jungle Buff. Person who takes it gains a 225 shield at level 1 (goes up by 25 each level) for 60 seconds that deals 20 damage when attacked + 80 damage at explosion at level 1 (goes up by 13 each level).

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