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This page has outdated content. These cards are from the old system and are here for archiving purposes only.

List of useful words used in Paragon and MOBAs.


  • Ace - The act of killing all members of the opposing team. Allows for free siege.
  • Agora - The world of Paragon, before the announce of Monolith used to name the Legacy map.
  • All-In - A term used to describe using all abilities and resources in a fight to get kill or win a teamfight
  • Amber - The orange orbs that you collect. They grant you CXP.
  • Amber Link - A strange sphere-like structure in the Jungle. Fills up every time a jungle minion is killed. Every few minutes, the amber link is emptied, granting it's contents to the entire team.
  • Attack Speed - a stat that increases the rate at which you can use Basic Attacks.
  • Attack Damage Carry (or ADC) - A general MOBA role for a ranged hero that deals damage through basic attacks. Generally classified as a Ranger, a Marauder or simply a Carry in Paragon.
  • Area of Effect (or AoE) - a term used to describe the area in which an ability or card can affect other units.
  • Assassin - a role characterized by a hero that can deal high burst damage to kill high-priority enemy targets.


  • Basic Attack - Your Left Mouse button (or R2 on PS4). Depending on your hero, a basic attack can either shoot a ranged projectile, or swing a melee weapon.
  • Basic Attack Damage - Damage dealt by your basic attacks.
  • Basic Abilities - Your Q, E, and Right Click buttons, or Square, Circle, and R1 for PS4.
  • Bleed - A debuff applied by Grux and Bloodsoaked Armor. Deals damage based on enemy Max Health.
  • Blue Buff - One of the River Buffs, increases Movement Speed. In Legacy it was a buff dropped by the Blue Camps which increased Mana Regeneration and Cooldown Reduction.
  • Burn - A debuff applied by Iggy and Scorch, Serath and Victory Torch. Deals 2x Player Level as damage per second.
  • Burst Damage - When a character deals a lot of damage in a very short amount of time.
  • Buff - Anything that increases the stats and/or abilities of your hero.


  • Cards - In Paragon, cards are essentially items. They grant you bonus stats.
  • Card Experience (or CXP) - Collecting CXP will increase your Card Power, resulting in more cards points to spend on cards.
  • Cheese - a term used to describe any action that's considered unorthodox, cheeky, or otherwise unexpected to gain an advantage over the opposing team.
  • Caster - A category used to define heroes who deals the majority of their damage through spells and abilities.
  • Cooldown Reduction (or CDR) - A stat that can be increased with specific cards and upgrades. Increasing this stat will cause your ability cooldowns to go faster.
  • Composition (or Comp) - the combination of heroes chosen to make up each team in the game.
  • Core - The last objective in the your teams and the enemies base that must be destroyed to win the game.
  • Crit - A term used to describe critical attack. Crits do bonus damage starting at 150%. Everyone starts with 0% crit chance.
  • Critically Wounded - When you are at or below 25% of your max health.
  • Creep Score (or CS). The amount of minions you have last-hit.
  • Crowd Control (or CC) - Any abilities that adversely affect an opposing hero's mobility or use of abilities. Hard CC is for knockups and stuns, while Soft CC is for slows and silences.


  • Damage per Second (or DPS) - a measurement of how quickly and consistently a character deals damage.
  • Damage over Time (or DoT) - a measurement of how much damage a single ability does over the duration of its use (like poison, bleeding or burning damage).
  • Debuff - Anything that negatively affects your hero's abilities and stats


  • Energy Armour - One of the 2 types of defense. It reduces Energy Damage taken.
  • Energy Damage - One of the 2 types of attack power.


  • Fed - When a player is very ahead in terms of power.
  • Feed/Feeding - When a player continuely subjects themselves to unnecessary deaths, giving the enemy team an advantage.
  • Fighter - A category used to define melee heroes.
  • First blood - The first kill.
  • Focus - The act of prioritizing the death of a certain enemy hero(es). Try to do it if possible without dying. Usually you focus the enemy damage sources.


  • Gank - A surprise attack on the opposing players carried out by either the Jungler or a teammate from another lane.
  • Green Buff - A buff dropped by Green Camps in Monolith. It gave the wielder a shield that exploded when broken.
  • Gold Buff - A buff dropped by Gold Camps in Monolith. It gave the wielder a CXP bonus.


  • Harvesters - Placed around the map, and specifically in the jungle. Claiming one of these will allow it to slowly collect CXP. They can be destroyed my the enemy team. Using keys will allow for faster harvester claiming. (Harvesters no longer exist in Monolith, but have been replaced by the Amber Link.)
  • Health Regeneration - A stat that determines how much of a player's health returns every second. This stat can be modified by cards and is visible on the right side of the health bar.
  • Hook - Riktor's Riplash ability.


  • Inc - Aka Incoming. If someone says, for example, 2 inc mid - it means that 2 enemies are on their way to the middle lane.
  • Inhibitor - The structures closest to the core. While it's intact, it "inhibits" the other team from producing super minions.
  • Invade - an early-game tactic that involves multiple teammates entering the opposing jungle in an attempt to steal buffs, get quick kills, or otherwise gain an early advantage over the opposing team.


  • Jungle - The area in between lanes. There are camps in the jungle that are usually taken by the jungler. Some camps have buffs.
  • Jungler - A term used as a classification for a hero playing "Jungler" role, these heroes normally excel at ganking, filling the Amber Link by destroying jungle minions quickly, and generally harassing the enemy team.


  • Kill Steal (or KS) - The act of last-hitting an enemy to get kill credit. HOWEVER, in Paragon KS-ing does not matter as much as it does in other games.
  • Kiting - A strategy often used by ranged heroes referring to the strategy of keeping melee heroes and minions out of melee range by attacking while moving.
  • Knockback - A displacement. Forcefully moves you based on angle and impact zone.


  • Lane - A large, open path from one base to another. There are 3 in Agora: left, middle, and right, and three in Monolith: Offlane, middle lane, and safe lane. Turrets and minions are found in the lanes.
  • Last Hit - The act of dealing the final blow to an enemy.
  • Leash - The act of helping the jungler clear his first jungle camp.


  • Mana - A resource used by heroes. It is used up from using abilities.
  • Mana Regeneration - A stat that can be increased by certain cards and upgrades. This stat affects how much mana you get back per second. Your mana regen can be seen to the right under your mana bar.
  • Meta-Game (or Meta) - A term used to describe the current strategies that work and are used currently. The meta was always changing, through new heroes and updates.
  • Missing In Action (or MIA) - Used to notify teammates of missing enemies, and to warn them for incoming ganks.
  • Minions - NPC units that are generated at regular intervals and to the enemy base via a lane, attacking anything that gets in their way. They can be killed for amber.
  • Movement Speed - How fast you go. You can increase it by going into travel mode or other sources. It can be decreased by certain heroes.



  • Orb Prime - When you go to attack the Prime Guardian in hopes of getting OP Buff.
  • Over-powered (or OP) - a term used to describe when a hero, card, or game mechanic is unbalanced and gives an unfair advantage to the user of it.


  • Passive play - The act of staying safe in your lane and not over-extending.
  • Physical Armour - One of the 2 types of defense. It reduces Physical Damage taken.
  • Physical Damage - One of the 2 types of attack power.
  • Poison - A debuff applied by Tainted Magick and Baneflesh. In addition to dealing damage per second, also reduces enemies' Healing by 75%.
  • Pull - Grux's Smash and Grab ability, or Riktor's Riplash ability. Sometimes may also refer to The Fey's Fly Trap ability.



  • Ranger - A category used to define heroes who specialize in dealing damage through their ranged basic attacks.
  • Red Buff - One of the River Buffs. It granted extra Ability Damage.
  • Regroup - The act of meeting up with your teammates in preparation for a teamfight.
  • Retreat - Run away from the enemy to re-group with your teammates.
  • Rooted - When a unit is rooted to the ground for a short duration. Unit may attack during this time.


  • Siege - The act of attacking an enemy structure with a combination of heroes and minions.
  • Skins - In-Game cosmetics that can be used to customize your heroes.
  • Slow - A status effect that decreases your movement speed for a certain duration.
  • Stun - A status effect that some heroes can inflict. If you are stunned you couldn't move or use abilities.
  • Shadow Plane - a realm within Agora that is invisible to the naked eye. You can enter it by stepping into Shadow Pads or using certain heroes' abilities
  • Shadow Pad - a small circular pad primarily found in the Jungle that grants invisibility to players in it as long as no attacks or abilities are used.
  • Sprint - Travel Mode.
  • SS - Quick way for saying "Enemies missing"
  • Support - a role characterized as heroes that don't offer high damage, but provide utility for the team in the form of healing, shielding or buffing ally heroes, or by stunning or debuffing enemy heroes.


  • Tank - A category used to define heroes with high health pools and armor.
  • Tanking - The act of taking the enemy team's damage to protect your own damage dealers.
  • Teamfight - When both teams have most members present and initiate a fight.
  • Throw - When you do something that causes you to lose any advantage you had.
  • TM - Travel Mode.
  • Towers - Defensive structures. These must be destroyed to attack the core. There are 2 towers in each lane, being stronger the closer they are to the enemy's base.
  • Travel Mode - A mode you can enter that allows you travel faster across the map.


  • Ult or Ultimate - Your R ability. You get it at level 5, and can upgrade it at level 10 and 15.
  • Unit(s) - A term to describe ANY entity in the game. Includes: Heroes, Minions, Jungle Camps, etc.



  • Ward - An item that is placed anywhere you choose on the map to give you vision of that area.
  • Waveclear - A term used to describe a person's ability to kill minions based on their speed.
  • Wombo-Combo - A term used to describe a combination of ultimates that provide a very desirable effect which can wipe out the enemy.




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