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Gems are a mechanic introduced in A New Dawn which allow players to upgrade their heroes by providing stats and passives that augment that hero. Gems can be either Agility, Intellect, or Vitality Gems. These gems belong to their respective Attribute Trees and come with various passives and stats.

Each attribute has 6 gem slots in the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th and 25th node of that attribute tree. Upgrading that attribute in-game will allow you to unlock the power of the gems that are slotted in their respective gem slot once you reach that threshold.

Gems are selected in the Deck Building menu and are tied to Decks. You can choose up to 6 gems per deck of any attribute. (You can choose 5 Agility Gems and 1 Intellect, or 3 Vitality and 3 Agility or any other combination)

Gem Attribute Types

Gems come in three attributes: Agility, Intellect and Vitality, each with different focuses.
Gem Agility OffenseAgility Gems are focused on augmenting your basic attacks and getting ahead in gold.
Gem Intellect OffenseIntellect Gems are focused on augmenting your abilities and getting ahead in experience.
Gem Vitality OffenseVitality Gems are focused on sustain, mitigation and enemy debuffs.

Gem Shapes

Gems come in three different shapes that indicate the type of gem: Offense, Defense and Utility.
Gem Agility Offense - Offense: These gems are focused on a more aggressive playstyle.
Gem Agility Defense - Defense: These gems are focused on a more defensive playstyle.
Gem Agility Utility - Utility: These gems can have varying effects.


Tier III, IV and V Gems also come with unique stats. The stats are randomized for each gem, it's possible to have multiple copies of the same gem with different stats. Tier III and IV gems have 1 stat, while tier V gems have 2 stats.

  • 2.2 Health Regen
  • 20% Mana Regen
  • 60 Health
  • 35 Mana
  • 6 Basic Armor
  • 6 Ability Armor
  • 3.5 Attack Speed
  • 2.45 Power

List of Gems

You can check out the full list of gems over here.

You can also check them by Attribute:

Or by Shape:

Or by Tier (Gem Slot):

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