Hero Portrait Feng Mao Traits: Melee | Attacker | Durable | Assassin | Elusive | Wild | Ganker
Release Date: December 12, 2015 (OT1)
Difficulty: Intermediate
Base Stats Overview:
Basic Damage - 7
Ability Damage - 2
Durability - 5
Mobility - 7

Base Stats:
Base Health: 652 (+70)
Health Regen: 1.09 (+0.11)
Base Mana: 248 (+15)
Mana Regen: 1.23 (+0.05)
Ability Defense: 30
Basic Defense: 17.9 (+3.7)
Basic Attack Damage: 64.8 (+3.1)
Attacks Per Second: 1.18 (+1.1%)
Movement Speed: 660

Feng Mao is a melee Fighter capable of engaging enemies at range, diving enemy back lines, and bursting down key targets. Late game your primary job is to engage the enemy damage dealers. Look to dash in and slow your target down to ensure you land your ult, which can be devastating to squishy Heroes.


Ability Sweep Sweep
Ranged basic attack dealing Basic Damage
Cleave Damage: 10%

Ability Reaping Dash Reaping Dash
Feng Mao teleports to the ground below a target location, or into the air at high angles of pitch. After he teleports, he deals a basic attack with 75/150% bonus damage. Range is 1050 units.
Mana Cost: 60
Dash Distance: 1050
Cooldown: 8
Extra Damage on Hit: 75%/100%/125%/150%

Ability Guardian's Shield Guardian's Shield
Feng Mao gives himself a +125/425 Shield that lasts for 2 seconds.
Shield: 125/225/325/425
Mana Cost: 40
Duration: 2
Cooldown: 8

Ability Crippling Strikes Crippling Strikes
Passive: After 4 successful hits or 20 seconds, Feng Mao’s blade will glow. His next basic attack will deal damage in a wider arc and apply a 30/45% Movement Speed Slow for 1.5 seconds. Dealing damage with abilities will also trigger the slow.
Movement Speed Slow: 30/35/40/45% Movement Speed Slow Duration: 1.5

Ability Imperial Sentence Imperial Sentence
Feng Mao slams his blade on the ground dealing Ability Damage to all enemies in a line in front of him. He will execute heroes below a health threshold of 300/550 + Power Rating. Executable heroes are marked with a special visual effect.
Ability Damage: 150/275/400
Cooldown: 70/60/50
Mana Cost: 70/105/140
Execution Treshold: 300/425/550 + Power Rating


  • Power Rating is simply the amount of Power gained by Cards and Gems


  • Once ransacked an entire village searching for his pipe.
  • Has never worshipped the Jambakka, despite the pleas of his parents.
  • Denies the rumor that he "lost" three apprentices in a single day.

Emotes quotes

  • Feng Mao casually spins his blade to flaunt his formidable skill.
  • Only new acolytes make the mistake of taking Feng Mao up on his challenge.
  • "Any fool can make smoke rings. I prefer to make a statement!" - Feng Mao

Extra lore

Feng Mao was once First Guardian of the Emperor of Shangdi. He achieved the honor quite young and was supremely confident. Too confident in fact, because he took unnecessary risks, and almost cost the Emperor his life. Feng left the post under a cloud of shame, and wandered the land, growing in wisdom and patience, turning into the cranky old monk he is today. The title of First Guardian of the Emperor of Shangdi is now held by Yin. (from V39.5 patch notes on his First Guardian skin)

“Feng Mao is the infamous First Guardian who, in his youth, risked the Emperor’s life for a chance at love. In the decades since his banishment, Feng Mao has roamed the countryside, studying philosophy and spearmanship, saving villages from bandits, and scolding Wukong.”



Feng Mao Default skin

Feng Mao in traditional battle-dress.

How to Unlock: Unlocked by default

Feng Mao Challenger skin

Feng Mao dons the ritual colors of pilgrimage, preparing for the test ahead.

How to Unlock: Begin Feng Mao's Master Challenge

Feng Mao Master skin

Feng Mao discovers that the Fires of Victory are no mere legend.

How to Unlock: Obtain the title of Master with Feng Mao

Feng Mao Inner Fire skin

Though the hands may wield a blade and a shield, the Inner Fire commands them.

How to Unlock: Purchase at the Store for 500 Coins icon or obtain as a Loot Crate drop

Feng Mao Yuletide skin

Dressed in splendid cloth and gold, Feng Mao recalls his days in the Winterfest Parade.

How to Unlock: Winterfest 2016 event. Purchasable from December 13 2016 to January 9, 2017 for 600 Coins icon


  • Feng Mao main picture
  • Feng Mao concept art
  • First Guardian Feng Mao concept art
  • Former in-game avatar


Hero Overview - Feng Mao

Hero Overview - Feng Mao

Change Log

Update V44.3 - November 20, 2017

  • Reaping Dash
    • Will now collide with Heroes and Minions while targeting.
      • The intention is to improve the consistency of the ability rather than having different rules for Heroes and Minions.
    • Range increased from 900 to 1050 at all levels.
    • Bonus Damage percent increased from 45% / 70% / 95% / 120% to 75% / 100% / 125% / 150%.
  • Guardian’s Shield
    • Shield increased from 75/150/225/300 to 125/225/325/425.
    • Duration decreased from 3s to 2s at all levels.
    • Cooldown increased from 7s to 8s at all levels.
    • Mana cost decreased from 50 to 40 at all levels.
  • Crippling Strikes
    • Slow magnitude increased from 20% / 23% / 26% / 29% to 30% / 35% / 40% 45%.
    • Slow duration from 2s to 1.5s.
  • Imperial Sentence
    • Cooldown decreased from 90/80/70 to 70/60/50.
  • General Balance
    • Base Basic Defense decreased from 25.2 to 17.9.
    • Basic Defense per level increased from 3.2 to 3.7.
    • Base Basic Attack Damage increased from 59.4 to 64.8.
    • Basic Attack Damage per level decreased from 3.3 to 3.1.
    • Movement Speed decreased from 700 to 660.

Update V44.1 - November 7, 2017

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Improvements to how the Buff / Debuff Area displays Slows caused by the Crippling Strikes ability.
    • Fixed an issue where the visual execution marker for Imperial Sentence would linger on some heroes even after the ability went on cooldown.

Update V44 - November 1, 2017

  • New Ability: Crippling Strikes
    • Passive: After 4 successful hits or 20 seconds, Feng Mao’s blade will glow. His next basic attack will deal damage in a wider arc and apply a 20/23/26/29% Movespeed Slow for 2 seconds. Dealing damage with abilities will also trigger the slow.
    • Adjusted Feng Mao’s arms to show FX based on his number of stacks.
    • Adjusted Blade glow to indicate new state of passive effect.
    • Replaces Hamstring.
  • Reworked: Imperial Sentence (formerly Earth Shatter)
    • Feng Mao slams his blade on the ground dealing Ability Damage to all enemies in a line in front of him equal to 150/275/400 + Power Rating. He will execute heroes below a health threshold of 300/425/550 + Power Rating. Executable heroes are marked with a special visual effect.
    • Improved Visual effects on stairs and slopes.
    • Movement is no longer blocked while in the air and the ability is now cast upon activation.
  • Reaping Dash
    • Now automatically causes Feng Mao to basic attack his target when he lands, dealing an additional 45/70/95/120% bonus damage.
    • Adjusted teleport to hug ground whenever possible.
    • Range increased from 800 to 900.
    • Cooldown reduced from 10s to 8s at all levels.
    • Ability now auto-confirms.
  • Guardian’s Shield (formerly Conversion Shield)
    • Mana cost increased from 40 to 50 at all levels.
    • Cooldown reduced from 8s to 7s at all levels.
  • General Balance
    • Base Mana decreased from 276 to 248.
    • Base Mana Regen decreased from 1.32 to 1.23.
    • Move Speed from 740 to 700.

Update V43.3 - October 10, 2017

  • Conversion Shield
    • Shield magnitude reduced from 100/175/250/325 to 75/150/225/300
  • Earth Shatter
    • Cooldown increased from 90/70/50 to 90/80/70
  • General Balance
    • Base Movespeed reduced from 740 to 700
    • Base health regen reduced from 1.14 to 1.09
    • Health regen per level reduced from 0.13 to 0.12
    • Attack damage per level reduced from 4.1 to 3.3

Update V43.2 - October 3, 2017

  • Reaping Dash
    • Description updated to more clearly describe the ability

Update V42.1 - August 15, 2017

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Corrected a number of minor animation issues
      • Emotes
      • Recall animation
      • Match start animation

Update V40 - May 16, 2017

  • Reaping Dash
    • Damage Bonus increased to 35% / 70 % / 105% / 140% from 10% / 25% / 40 % / 55%.
    • Can no longer Crit.

Update V39.5 - May 9, 2017

  • First Guardian Feng Mao is now available in the in-game store

Update V39.4 - May 2, 2017

  • Added Secondhand Slice emote to the in-game store

Update V39 - April 4, 2017

  • Conversion Shield
    • Feng Mao's Conversion Shield animation can now be canceled after the shield is applied.

Update V38.3 - March 14, 2017

  • Sweep
    • Attack speed gain per level increased to 1.5 from 1.26
  • Earth Shatter
    • Base damage reduced to 260 / 350 / 440 from 300 / 400 / 500
    • Card Scaling increased to 1.0 from 0.8
  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Feng Mao's feet now appear correctly in on the platform when viewing the hero under Profile.

Update V35 - December 6, 2016

  • Reaping Dash
    • Damage type adjusted from "Physical" to "Ability."
    • Cooldown reduced from 19 to 10 seconds at all levels.
    • Animation speed has been increased.
    • Projectile speed has been increased.
  • Hamstring
    • Damage type adjusted from "Physical" to "Ability."
    • Animation speed has been increased.
    • Cooldown adjusted from 17/16/15/14 to 20/18/16/14 seconds.
  • Conversion Shield
    • Cooldown reduced from 20 to 12 seconds at all levels.
    • Shield Values adjusted to 125/225/325/425.
  • Earth Shatter
    • Damage type adjusted from "Physical" to "Ability."
    • Animation speed has been increased.
    • Targeting range Increased from 667 to 800
    • Cooldown reduced from 100/90/80 to 90/70/50 seconds.
    • There is no longer a shield component to this ability.

Update V34 - November 8, 2016

  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Fixed a bug causing Feng Mao's Ultimate visual effects to be placed in an incorrect location.

Update V33 - October 18, 2016

  • Polish/Bug Fixing
    • Fixed interactions with Feng Mao’s Ultimate which could cause him to get stuck mid-air.

Update V32.1 - October 4, 2016

  • Polish/Bug Fixing
    • Fixed a bug associated Rampage’s Enraged cooldown.

Update V32 - September 27, 2016

  • Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Corrected a targeting issue with Reaping Dash in which the reticle would sometimes disappear.
    • Various animation polish and tweaks.

Update V30.1 - August 23, 2016

  • Bug Fix/Polish
    • Fix for angle of some FX on weapon.

Update V28 - June 30, 2016

  • Polish/Bug Fixing:
    • Updated tooltip of Primary Ability.

Update V27 - June 14, 2016

  • Passive - The Balance
    • This functionality has been moved into the base hero kit - see below.
  • Conversion Shield
    • Now activates a shield of a fixed magnitude based on ability level.
    • Shield values reduced from 150 / 226 / 303 to 75 / 130 / 185 / 240.
    • The purple pips on Feng Mao’s right arm now indicate when the shield is available for activation.
  • Reaping Dash
    • Reaping Dash now increases Feng Mao's next Basic Attack that connects within four seconds. Feng Mao's blade will glow to indicate the effect is active.
  • Polish / Bug Fixing:
    • Fixed some graphical issues with the chains hanging off his weapon.
    • Audio added to Feng Mao’s emote, Blade Whirl, along with exertion audio.

Update V25 - May 10, 2016

  • Changed Feng Mao's and Muriel's efforts sounds to play on 35% of the time.

Update V22 - March 29, 2016

Passive - The Balance

We saw large swings in power from Feng Mao's passive. We reduced the impack of each stack to make his power a bit more predictable.

  • Reduced attack bonus and shield bonus from Feng Mao's passive from .1 to .04 per stack [30% to 12% maxed]

Reaping Dash (Q)

  • Reduced card scaling on Reaping Dash .75 to .5.
  • Reduced card scaling on Sweep to account for Passive potential [1, 1.15, 1.3] to [1, 1.1, 1.2]

Sweep (LMB)

  • Reduced card scaling on Sweep to account for passive potential.

Hamstring (E)

  • Reduced card scaling on Hamstring from 1 to .5

Earth Shatter (R)

  • Rebalanced base damage scaling on Earth Shatter from [400, 500, 600] to [325, 515, 705]
  • Reduced card scaling on Earth Shatter from 3 to 1.
  • Increased cost of Earth Shatter from [-100] to [-100, -125, -150]
  • Reduced shield on Earth Shatter [100, 175, 250] to [100, 100, 100]

Update V20 - March 14, 2016

  • Feng Mao, Grux and Kallari are unlocked at Level 7.

Update OT10 - March 5th, 2016

Patch 2:

  • Corrected misdirected material which could leave Feng Mao and Steel with default materials in decals.

OT8 - February 19th, 2016

  • Mad Dash (Q) ability will now increase its range based on leveling the ability .
  • Converted the minion damage on Dash from an instantaneous damage applied to all targets on teleport, to damage applied as the projectile passes through each individual.

Update OT6 - February 5th, 2016

Basic Attack (LMB)

  • Increase base cleave damage.
  • Increased card scaling.

Mad Dash (Q)

  • Reduced Cooldown.

Update OT5 - January 30th, 2016

  • Crushing Shield (R) camera tweaks. Lowered camera when aiming level to horizon. Raised and zoomed camera out when aiming down.
  • Sweep (LMB) now has a “hit confirm” effect.

Update OT4 - January 23th, 2016

  • Increased base health and per level health.
  • Increased base damage and damage per level of Mad Dash (Q).
  • Increased card scaling of Brake Check (E).
  • Reduced mana cost of Block/Absorb (RMB).

Update OT3 - January 15th, 2016

  • Updated Feng Mao’s Mad Dash (Q) targeting camera.
  • Fixed an issue with Feng Mao’s teleport placing him a small distance above his intended endpoint.
  • Increased Base Health and per level Health scaling.
  • Increased Base Resistances.

Update OT2 - January 9th, 2016

Q - Mad Dash

  • Now has a tenth of a second delay between the time his projectile hits and the time he teleports. He currently disappears during that time and now has a catch-up follow cam. This effect is temporary. He’ll get a new FX that display a BAMF! cloud at the origin and the end point, 1/10th of a second apart.

E - Brake Check

  • Damage type to physical is more consistent with the rest of his kit.

R - Crushing Shield

  • Increased the height of the targeting mode.
    • This change will not guarantee that an enemy within range can’t jump over the damage volume. We will address this at a later date.
  • Enhanced the VFX
  • Ability no longer interruptible once he reaches the “strike” animation state.
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