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Emotes are Hero taunts that can be purchased at the Store, with an exclusive emote unlocked at level 8 of the Master Challenge of each Hero.

Purchasable Emotes

  • Hero Portrait Khaimera Khaimera's Jungle Jog - Flaunt that feral footwork with Khaimera's Jungle Jog emote! 300 Coins icon
  • Hero Portrait Rampage Rampage's Meaning of Life - Contemplate the big questions with Rampage's Meaning of Life emote. 400 Coins icon
  • Hero Portrait Serath Serath's Bless Me - Unleash the sneeze with Serath's Bless Me emote! 300 Coins icon
  • Hero Portrait Grux Grux's Back Scratch - Hit the spot with Grux's Back Scratch emote! 300 Coins icon
  • Hero Portrait Sparrow Sparrow's Handstand - Show off that core strength with Sparrow's Handstand emote! 300 Coins icon
  • Hero Portrait Countess Countess's Naughty Naughty - Discourage nonsense with Countess' Naughty Naughty emote! 300 Coins icon
  • Hero Portrait Iggy and Scorch Iggy & Scorch's So Sleepy - Get some shut-eye with Iggy & Scorch's So Sleepy emote! 500 Coins icon
  • Hero Portrait Crunch Crunch's Throw Down - The gloves come off with Crunch's Throw Down emote! 300 Coins icon
  • Hero Portrait Riktor Riktor's Jump Chains - Stay fit for the slaughter with Riktor's Jump Chains emote! 600 Coins icon
  • Hero Portrait Kallari Kallari's Cutthroat - Make your intentions clear with Kallari's Cutthroat emote! 200 Coins icon
  • Hero Portrait TwinBlast TwinBlast's Fake Out - Keep the bad guys on their toes with TwinBlast's Fake Out emote! 400 Coins icon
  • Hero Portrait Greystone Greystone's Invitation - Make the first gesture with Greystone's Invitation emote! 200 Coins icon
  • Hero Portrait Narbash Narbash's Standing By - Take a load off with Narbash's Standing By emote! 400 Coins icon
  • Hero Portrait Gideon Gideon's The Vortex - Blow the minds of those pitful mortals with Gideon's The Vortex emote! 600 Coins icon

Master Challenge Emotes

  • Hero Portrait Countess Countess Don't Be Shy - Courting her prey over the centuries, Countess has perfected the art of invitation.
  • Hero Portrait Crunch Crunch King of the Ring - When challengers appear, Crunch activates Alpha ode to issue a proper greeting.
  • Hero Portrait Dekker Dekker Friendly Wave - Always looking to be supportive, Dekker leans on her staff and gives a friendly wave.
  • Hero Portrait Feng Mao Feng Mao Blade Whirl - Feng Mao casually spins his blade to flaunt his formidable skill.
  • Hero Portrait Gadget Gadget Chill Out - Gadget takes a brief respite to relax on her robo-arm.
  • Hero Portrait Gideon Gideon Levitate - Gideon channels the void as he levitates into the air.
  • Hero Portrait Greystone Greystone Brandish - Greystone demonstrates his prowess in an open challenge.
  • 27px Grim.exe Demo Mode - "Demonstrates the complex motor capabilities of this Sentry Combat Robot. Floor models only - not for resale." - SCR Sales Manual, p.29
  • Hero Portrait Grux Grux Battlecry - Grux bangs his hammers and unleashes a mighty warlord's roar.
  • Hero Portrait Howitzer Howitzer Why I Oughta! - Fueled by (liquid) courage, Howitzer springs from the safety of his Mech to shake a taunting fist at his foes.
  • Hero Portrait Iggy and Scorch Iggy & Scorch Yeehaw! - Iggy provokes Scorch on purpose and rides the bull!
  • Hero Portrait Kallari Kallari Dagger Flourish - Kallari deftly flourishes her daggers as she surveys the battlefield for unsuspecting foes.
  • Hero Portrait Khaimera Khaimera Haunted - Khaimera's curse appears to torment him... but no axe can cut the tie that binds them.
  • Hero Portrait Kwang Kwang Let the Blade Decide - When choosing an opponent, Kwang believes the sword knows best.
  • Hero Portrait Lt. Belica Lt. Belica Browsing - Options are nice, but sometimes you just stick with the submachine gun.
  • Hero Portrait Murdock Murdock Seven Shot Salute - Murdock gets pumped up and fires celebratory shots into the air.
  • Hero Portrait Muriel Muriel Angelic Pride - Muriel flaunts her beautiful wings and spins with graceful style.
  • Hero Portrait Narbash Narbash Get Heavy - Better stand back from Narbash when the beat takes control.
  • Hero Portrait Rampage Rampage Get Mad! - Rampage gets... intense.
  • Hero Portrait Riktor Riktor Back to Work! - Riktor cracks the whip, fair warning to any who step out of line.
  • Hero Portrait Serath Serath Chivalrous - Serath treats the condemned with the utmost courtesy.
  • Hero Portrait Sevarog Sevarog The Babe - Sevarog holds his ground and points out his next victim.
  • Hero Portrait Sparrow Sparrow Yes My Liege - Sparrow gracefully pays tribute to those that have fallen before her.
  • Hero Portrait Steel Steel Bring it On! - Steel slams his shield furiously and bellows a challenge to his enemies.
  • Hero Portrait The Fey The Fey For You - Don't be sad! Here's a flower.
  • Hero Portrait TwinBlast TwinBlast Watch This - TwinBlast displays some impressive gunplay, twirling his pistols and flipping one into the air.
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