Release Notes - V.25.1 Update

  • Added new Rare Cards!


  • Weekly Card Pack
  • 10 New Cards Available:
    • Beastmaster's Key - Rare Passive, Universal. Cost: 3.
      • 3s Harvester Placement Time
      • 100 Health
      • Unique Passive: Harvester Key, charges referesh at base.
      • Unique Passive: +50% Damage Bonus to jungle minions.
    • Font of Rapture - Rare Passive, Universal. Cost: 5.
      • 1.4 Health Regen
      • 0.3 Mana Regen
      • 4% Crit Chance
      • Unique Passive: Health Regen will overheal, granting a Shield that absorbs damage up to 10% of Max Health.
    • Tempus Pearl - Rare Active, Order. Cost: 6
      • 7.6 Energy Damage
      • 22 Energy Armor
      • Unique Active: Grants +200% Max Movement Speed to nearby Allies for 6 seconds. (Cooldown: 120s)
    • Cast Converter - Rare Active, Intellect. Cost 6.
      • 75 Mana
      • 2.5% Cooldown Reduction
      • Unique Active: Consume 100 Mana to convert 3x your Mana Regen to Health Regen for 10 seconds. (Cooldown: 15s)
    • Blood Catalyst - Rare Active, Intellect. Cost 6.
      • 75 Mana
      • 100 Health
      • Unique Active: Consume 10% of current Health and convert 1/3 of your Health Regen to Mana Regen for 10 seconds. (Cooldown 15s)
    • Hydroverser - Rare Passive, Intellect. Cost 8.
      • 0.3 Mana Regen
      • 100 Health
      • Unique Passive: Gain Energy Damage equal to 5% of current Mana.
    • Marrow-Fangs - Rare Passive, Corruption. Cost 4.
      • 4 Lifesteal
      • 16 Physical Pen
      • Unique Passive: While Bleeding, on hit with basic attack, steal 66 Physical Armor from target(s).
    • Stalker's Key - Rare Passive, Corruption. Cost 3.
      • 3s Harvester placement time.
      • 4 Lifesteal
      • Unique Passive: Harvester Key, charges refresh at base.
      • Unique Passive: +50% Damage Bonus to jungle minions.
    • Stinger Boost - Rare Passive, . Cost 3.
      • 75 Mana
      • Unique Passive: While carrying Blue Buff, +19.5 Attack Speed.
    • Bump Juice - Rare Active, . Cost 1
      • Unique Active: Instantly restore +85 Health upon use. Charges refresh at base. (Cooldown 15s) (Charges 2).

All Heroes

27px Grim.exe

  • Fixed an issue where G.T.F.O. was being stopped by various character's abilities. The ability will no longer be stopped by anything except an enemy Hero.
  • Animations for loading in, respawning, and recalls are now active.
  • In Solo vs. AI, GRIM.exe bots now correctly picks an energy-based deck.
  • Fixed a bug where GRIM.exe was twinkling on Shadow Pads.

Hero Portrait Feng Mao Feng Mao

  • In Co-op vs. AI and Solo vs. AI bots now correctly deal damage with the Earth Shatter ability.

Hero Portrait Muriel Muriel

  • Fixed a bug where Reversal of Fortune abilitiy was not granting shielded allies bonus Health Regen.

Bug Fixes

  • Red FX on Prime Orb carrier has been fixed to match the smoke color.
  • Fixed a bug in replays where health bar colors were reversed on the PS4.
  • Fix for a bug which would allow Heroes to become stuck inside each other's meshes.
  • Fixed a bug for being unable to select certain filters when viewing Decks.

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