Release Notes - v.28.2 Update 


  • Jungle Camp Update
    • Vision rules adjust to only show vision when you or an ally kills a camp, upon re-spawn everyone gets vision again.


  • Added Cards
    • Purity Censer
      • 1 pt Max Health/Max Mana
      • ACTIVE: Cleanses all nearby allies.
    • Mender's Phial
      • ACTIVE: 2 charges, on use gain 7.5 health regeneration for 15 seconds, nearby allies gain 3.8 mana regeneration for 7 seconds.
    • Shepard's Phial
      • ACTIVE: 2 charges, on use gain 2.85 mana regeneration for 15 seconds, nearby allies gain 10 health regeneration for 7 seconds.
    • Thermo-bond
      • 1 pt Max Health/Energy Resist
      • UNIQUE PASSIVE: When Burning, +5 Bonus Armor vs Crit Damage.
    • Toxi-gel
      • 2 pts Max Health, 1 pt Health Regen
      • UNIQUE PASSIVE: When Poisoned, +5 Bonus Armor vs Crit Damage.
    • Wicked Stigma
      • 1 pt Cooldown Reduction/Max Health
      • ACTIVE: For 6 seconds, on hit with an ability, gain vision of target(s) for 10 seconds.
    • Ash of the Witch
      • 1 pt Lifesteal/Energy Penetration
      • UNIQUE PASSIVE: While Burning on hit with ability, steal 3 Energy Armor from target(s).
    • Fiend Elixir
      • ACTIVE: 2 charges gain 2.3 additional mana regen and instantly gain 12 mana when taking energy damage for the next 15 seconds.
    • Irradiate
      • 1 pt Attack Speed
      • UNIQUE PASSIVE: While poisoned, gain +3 Cooldown Reduction and +3 Energy Damage.
    • Bud of the Changeling
      • 1 pt Max Health/Max Mana
      • UNIQUE PASSIVE: While Poisoned, +100% healing received, including health regen.
    • Oasis Key
      • 1 pt Health Regen, 1 pt Lifesteal.
      • UNIQUE PASSIVE: Harvester Key, charges refresh at base.
      • UNIQUE PASSIVE: +1 Health & +3 Mana Regen when near harvester


  • Added an AFK warning


  • Fixed an issue where Steel’s Force Shield start-up audio was not being affected by master volume slider.


Hero Portrait Greystone Greystone

  • Fixed the issue where Greystone disconnects right before he dies to activate Reforged and then comes back invincible.
  • Fixed the issue where Greystone Make Way would remain active if disconnecting while using the ability.
  • Fixed an issue where leveling up your health and armor passive after a reconnect doesn't work.

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