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This page has outdated content. These cards are from the old system and are here for archiving purposes only.

Blade of Agora was a common Icon UniversalUniversal equipment card.

Card Efficiency

6 Power = 1 CP

Upgrade Bonus: 100% Crit Bonus

(was a Card from which the Crit Bonus Card value is derived, and as such, it derives a value of 5 Card Points (CP).

The Card Efficiency is 16,6%. without Upgrade:

Upgraded with 3x 1 CP cards = 100% CP Efficiency

Upgraded with 3x 2 CP Cards = 100% CP Efficiency

Upgraded with 3x 3 CP Cards = 100% CP Efficiency.

How to obtain

A single copy of Blade of Agora was available for all players. This copy couldn't be dismantled.

Blade of Agora can be earned through card packs or through crafting.

Crafting Cost Dismantling
Resource Cost Rep Cost Resources Earned
600 Metal IconMetal 250 Icon Reputation 100 Metal IconMetal

Unique Passive

Blade of Agora, in addition to 6 Power also increases damage dealt by your Critical Strikes up to 250% (from 150%).

This bonus does not stack with other Crit Bonus sources, such as Agoran Scepter and other Blades of Agora.

Recommended Heroes

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