Attack Speed

Attack Speed is the hero stat that affects the rate at which a hero may deal a Basic Attack. The greater the Attack Speed, the more basic attacks can be dealt within a given time period.

AttackSpeed is capped at 2.5 Attacks per Second for each Hero.


AttackSpeed = (1 /Base Attack Time)*AttackSpeed Modifier

Ex(Murdock with 100 of attack speed):AttackSpeed=(1/1.35)*2.196(cause at lvl 15 he got 119.6 attack speed)=1.626666 of attack speed.

A simpler way to look at it --> P/AtkSpd P=Character Basic Attack Speed without modifiers x100 AtkSpd= The number of the Attack Speed Modifier (Ex. 149.6)

Example: Kallari's Basic Attack Speed is 1.00. Multiply that by 100 = 100. Now divide that by your AtkSpd (149.6) and you would have an Attack every .66 Seconds.

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