Card Experience (or CXP) is used to level up and gain Card Points that allow players to purchase cards from the Card Shop in game. It is given from killing units, structures, the Amber Link etc.

All players also are affected by Global Drip - a passive CXP supply that grants 100 cxp to all players every 15 seconds.

Leveling Up

Every time you level up by aquiring CXP you obtain a single card point that can be used to purchase cards.

The amount of CXP needed to level up is 1000 cxp for each level.

Sharing CXP

The last hitter always gets 100% of the CXP bounty. Nearby allies also gain 60% of the last hit bounty, split between them equally.

Allies in radius Amount of CXP gained per ally
1 60%
2 30%
3 20%
4 15%

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